A happy wedding anniversary to us: A story every woman can relate

happy wedding anniversary

Forgetting a special occasion like a birthday and wedding anniversary was a part of our life. In these 7 years of marriage, I have kept a lot of expectations during special occasions but every time all my expectations are in vain. No matter how much importance I gave to special dates and numbers, my husband, like many others’ does not pay heed to it. 


This is our 7th year of marriage, and 2nd marriage anniversary, we are spending in Singapore. Just like any other day, it was a very normal day for me. We were getting ready early in the morning, as our house would undergo a painting job today. 


I even thought, why did we select our anniversary date to be ruined in wall painting? Alas! My husband called the authorities and came to know they are not coming today.


With relief in my heart, I was again building a desire that something good is going to happen today. I am an emotional person! Things like cancellation of events (in this case it was house paint) bother me a lot. 


I was a little upset that all of us have finished their part of the job early morning, and now they have cancelled the plan. 


While I was thinking what to cook for the day, it came to my mind that my husband was not much more responsive towards the special day. Of course, he remembers this time as we were getting calls from parents from the last night, but something was missing. 


Around noon, someone knocked at the door. I was pretty surprised that the house painters arrived at last. In my mind, I was happy to guess that the day is going as planned!


I thought my husband would open the door, who is lazily lying on the couch, but he instead asked me to open the door for those standing outside. 


I was pretty sure that the painters are standing on the other side, with my favourite shade of paint. 


But to my surprise, as I opened the door, I was taken aback!


A delivery man with a beautiful bouquet of red roses in his hand is standing outside my gate. He handed over a receipt, and then I could believe it was for me. 


I thanked him and suddenly a rush of blood in my body painted my cheeks red. 


My husband called my name from the room and said “happy wedding anniversary love.”


“I never knew you planned all this”, I said. “But thanks a lot for remembering our 7th wedding anniversary and making it special for us.”


I am a person who loves flowers for a gift than anything else. I have a possessiveness for red roses and the hand bouquet was just perfect for me. 


After all, the dream of my life got fulfilled, on our 7th wedding anniversary. My husband remembered our special day and gifted me with a bunch of red roses that are adorable. 


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I hope you have a similar story to share. If so, then write back to me in the comments. I would be more than happy to read about your wedding anniversary and how you celebrate the same.


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