What does early pregnancy feel like? My personal experience on early signs of pregnancy

Well, it’s great news I am sharing with you that I am pregnant with my second child. Yes, I am pregnant. 


Everything happened all of a sudden and we could not gauge it until we were confirmed. As this was not a planned pregnancy, I had no clue about it. But, that does not mean my body was not giving me enough hints to understand that there is a massive change going on inside me. There were enough early signs of pregnancy that I kept ignoring it all till the time I could officially find that I am a pregnant woman now.


So here is my personal experience: Early signs of pregnancy

Even before my missed periods, I could feel some bodily changes. All of a sudden I developed lower back pain, which I never experienced before. It was exactly in the adjoining area where I got my injection during the last C-section (it was 6 years back). 


Next, it was difficult for me to stand for long hours. For example, cooking and talking over the phone while brisk walking was an issue. 


After a few days, I also developed shortening of breath, and wearing a mask was a nightmare. I complained to my husband that I could not even walk a few steps with the mask on. Previously we walked for 10,000 footsteps in a day and now walking 100 footsteps was a pain for me. 


Soon I experienced that I got tired too often. I was taking a nap every now and then. Usually, I have a habit of keeping awake till late at night. But as one of the prominent first signs of pregnancy, I fell asleep even before my family. 


I kept ignoring the vital signs of early pregnancy

In my mind, I was worried about my health, I was disturbed that what if something happens to me and my family is left alone as we are not accompanied by extended family members here in Singapore. 


As I discussed the matter with my husband, he suggested going for a medical checkup. I was ready to go as I was thinking it might be due to increased body weight or some hormonal changes or disease is taking shape inside me. In my head, I was sick!


How I found out I was pregnant?

I am very bad at remembering dates. This time I am not talking about birthdays or anniversaries, but about my missed periods. I could hardly remember my last period date. Wow! That’s the trouble. I was not even able to gauge whether I have missed my periods or everything is going fine.


The day before I was about to visit a general physician, we decided to do a pregnancy test at home. As anyways, seeing a married couple walking in, the GP will obviously suggest a pregnancy test. 


We bought a very basic pregnancy test kit to find out whether I am pregnant. Then the next morning I performed the test early in the morning. And to our surprise I was pregnant. The two pink lines were so prominent that it made me believe that we are expecting our second child. 


Visiting the doctor for the first time during pregnancy

The same morning we planned to visit the general physician (GP). Here in Singapore, you have to visit a GP first and take a recommendation letter to see a specialist. 


As we visited the GP, I told him about the pregnancy test and then he asked me when was my last periods? Oh No! I cannot say that I forgot, so I told him around the 19th of last month. Then he calculated that I am 4 weeks pregnant. 


The GP also prescribed me a medicine called Folic Acid which he said is a must to continue during early pregnancy. However, I was not suggested to take any prenatal vitamins as such. The GP suggested me to take quality food that includes a lot of green vegetables, fruits, and a balanced diet.  


1 to 6 weeks of pregnancy symptoms

By week four I came to know about the pregnancy. And with the arrival of week five, I could experience morning sickness at its peak. It was not only prominent during the day, but I was feeling sick for the whole day. Things spur up during the morning time and especially during meal times.


Here are the other early pregnancy symptoms from 1 to 6 weeks

• Morning sickness

Even brushing my teeth would gag my throat. It was worse during the morning and event throughout the day.


• Nausea

I have evaluated that nausea only hit me when I was on an empty stomach. I could figure that out really early to keep things under control. Luckily I did not throw up during this time.

• Shortness of breath

I was experiencing tremendous problems to catch my breath while brisk walking as well. I would sip water every now and then to cope with my thrust along with shortness of breath.


• Fatigue

I was escaping all of my duties and managing time to take a quick nap. I am a late-night person. But during this time all I wanted is to sleep.

• Periods-like feeling

Even before I missed my periods, I was having constant period like feelings. Just as I feel every month before the arrival of those days, I was feeling the same. One could easily misunderstand this point.

• Kind of lump in my breast

 Before every period, I could notice that there is a lump kind of formation in my breast, which goes off with the periods. This time I ignored breast tenderness with the other symptom.


Congratulations time!

Well, I have an appointment with my obstetrician-gynaecologist just in my 8th week. I will keep you posted with the update. Now it’s time for you to congratulate me on my pregnancy. 


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