Meet Subhasree

Meet the author of this website

Hi! This is Subhasree, creator of, a wife and a mother of my beautiful daughter.

I have been interested in writing since I was a kid. My inspiration behind picking up blogging was my love for writing and contributing to society. As I got married and settled abroad, I found out that I can utilize my time to do something for the tribes of my kind.

As a mother, I found out that numerous mothers in this world would love to know each other, learn about new things which they have not experienced before. As motherhood does not come with a predefined instruction, we as millennial mothers have to find out our path of our own.

I was moved by the thought that mothers’ experiences can help not only one, but many other moms who need comfort and support.

And this is my story as a mom blogger. I would like to bring a new dimension to your life as a woman and indeed as a mother. I hope to hear from you and grow together as a tribe.