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Our Story

This is how it all started

Just after childbirth, I completely devoted my time to my family. As my daughter Chandreyee was growing, I constantly thought of doing something of my own. As she started going to kindergarten, I learned that it’s fine to feel alone and left out. Most first-time mothers like me have left their job or their previous lifestyle to contribute to her family.

As I interacted with them, I released everybody feels good when associated with some constructive work.

After a year we shifted to Singapore and my daughter continued her schooling here. As my husband and daughter leave home in the morning, I was left with enough time to restart my career.

One day my husband introduced me to blogging and inspired me to write. From then there was no looking back.

I chose writing for women and motherhood as I could relate to this more. For me, it adds value when I share my experience as a woman and a mother. Enriching the lives of others and helping them in some way brings happiness to me. And therefore, we started with

Experiencing the new culture opened a whole new world to me. I can access the finest of Montessori education here, the environment where my child is growing up is fantastic. We have access to the finest of travel destinations as Singapore happens to be one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. The people, food and every little thing we experience here, are of some importance to our life.

While constructing this brand, we had it in mind to enrich people with the good things we learn in daily life.

Here you can find real-life stories that can feed your emotions. My experiences will help you to walk your way with ease. We strive to bring the best for you and keep you all smiles.