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8 DIY creative ideas to engage kids at home

DIY crafts done at school

Staying at home can be boring, especially for kids. With no room to go outdoors, you really need enough creative activities to keep your kids engaged. No matter you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mother, we all are leading almost the same life now.

With popping responsibilities and extensive work it is challenging to entertain our kids all the time. Kids are energetic and need to be engaged in activities all the time. Being a mother, I have faced such challenges. With my experience, I have created a list of creative ideas that will surely engage your child at home. These creative DIY activities at home will be rewarding to your child as well as you.

Most of the creative ideas have been tried and tested in our home. The results are outstanding, you can give them a try too, and I am sure your child will love these creative ideas too.

I have carefully chosen creative activities which can be done with the help of materials easily available in our home. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

1. Grow a plant from seeds

For every child, it is magical to see a plant growing out of seeds. You can try this too. You will be amazed to see how your kid enjoys the whole process and side-by-side acquire new knowledge.

You can use a disposable cup, old paper egg trays, or old plastic bottles to plant your seeds. However, you can use anything that is available at your home. 

Next, choose a vegetable that is easily available in your kitchen. I chose a vegetable plant because for me and my child it is more rewarding to pick fruits or vegetables from a plant than glaring at a flower. Another reason is that seeds of vegetables and fruits are easily available in our kitchen and you need not go out to buy them from the market.

Mostly choose seeds that germinate fast and you can soon see the results. As kids are impatient, they would like to see the plants as early as possible, so choose seeds accordingly. We planted pumpkin seeds and the seedlings came out within 7 days. My daughter is so happy with the result and she makes sure to water it every day.

Plant grown out of seeds
Pumpkin plant grown out of seeds

Even if you have a small space for plants, it is ok to grow such plants as it takes less space. Choose other seeds like tomato, potato, carrot, chili, etc., and you are good to go.

The best part about growing plants from seeds it that every step of this creative activity will be enjoyed by one and all. Your child will also find an interest and will be enthusiastic to take care of the plant.

Let your child take the initiative to water the plant every day and as it grows, do not forget to share the picture with us.

You can see a couple of YouTube videos if you are new to planting seeds. Here is a link to a helpful video.

2. Make your own aquarium out of a shoebox

 I am sure there must be an empty shoebox lying in your house. There are a couple of creative ideas that you can explore with a shoebox. What we did is made an aquarium with our shoebox, isn’t it amazing.

I will tell you how we did it. We selected a sea creature printable on Pinterest and printed it. We colored and cut each sea creature such as fishes and sea horses. We also made some under-water plants with green paper. We have some sea corals at home that we pasted on it.

DIY aquarium

Make a hole with a needle on each sea creature (at the top) and pass a thread from that hole. Keep enough thread to hang it from the above wall of the shoe box. You can add small newspaper balls at the base of your seabed to make corals and stones that lie on the seabed.

You can use your own creative ideas and decorate your own sea-aquarium. Cover the front of the aquarium to save it from dust.

3. Have fun with candles

Candle making is something we are all aware of. You can make simple, yet exciting DIY with kids at home using candles.

Take a few candles and melt them using a double boiler method. Add broken wax crayons which you can easily find it in your child’s pencil box. Be careful while doing it. You can make various colors or use two colors for the candle. Give it a shape and design it as you like.

There are hundreds of candle DIY ideas available on the internet, you can choose one from here.

4. Make a candle stand with paper

Once we attended a creative activity session in Singapore, I was amazed to learn this DIY candle stand with paper. My child was so excited to make it herself that we still have that at home.

Simply grab some thin paper or craft paper with the color of your choice. But believe me, only white looks awesome. Cut a circle out of a thick cardboard box. You can choose the size of a coaster which is just a little bit bigger than the T-candle. Cut craft papers in the shape of flower petals. 

Now, on top of your base (cardboard) apply glue and stick your petals one by one as you see in a flower. It is better to start in the middle. Wow! You have just created a beautiful candle holder. You can also add other elements to make it fun and exciting.

5. Paper and string decoration for doors and windows

Children mostly like bling. Normal curtains on the windows seem boring for them. You can decorate their playroom with these paper decorations. This will instantly add color to their room and your child will be all smiles.

Take a thread and measure and cut it into the length of your window or as per your choice. Then take colored papers and cut them into rounds. The rounds can be as small as three centimeters in diameter. Take different colors or choose a theme that goes with your child’s room.

For us, we wanted the Elsa effect, so we created a blue and white one. Not grab your string and attach the circles in a gap of 3-4 centimeters. Paste two circles on each side of the string to give it a grip and clean finish. This DIY activity with kids will be fun and can also be used as decoration for their room. You can use your own creative ideas to make it even more beautiful.

6. Make a paper crown and create your own story around it

Last day, we had nothing much to do and my daughter was asking me what we can do at home for fun. Then we had an idea to create head crowns with paper.

This is how we made the paper crown. We used A4 size paper from our printer and cut it into 2 halves from the middle. With one half we made the front part of the crown. I just cut it in a crown-like shape and then decorated it with color and paper cuttings.

Take the second half of the paper to make the band of the crown. Lengthwise, fold the paper in the shape of a thick band and then attach the two corners with the front structure of the crown.

Now, the next exciting part is to build a story around it. My daughter admires to be a princess. I am sure most of the girl child does. She wore the crown and pretended to be a princess for the day.

Paper crown

7. Make your own photo gallery

This is fun and one of my best DIY creative ideas with kids. Choose a place in your house where you want to make your photo gallery. If you have pictures of your choice printed, then it is good or else, you can print them in a normal paper in your printer. We had no printed photos so we used normal  photos from our printer.

DIY Photo gallery

Next, choose a colored paper of your choice and paste your picture onto the colored paper. You can also decorate the colored paper by drawing on it. You can also write the occasion when it was clicked and why it’s your favorite. Believe it or not, this is going to be the ‘stopper-zone’ at your home.

8. Host a show at home

This may seem funny, but it’s a great idea where you have lots of space for exploring new ideas. So I got this idea from my daughter. At their school they host parties and the children are taught the opening speech for each event.

She told me that we can host a show for an imaginary audience. Fortunately, my husband was at home to be our only audience at that time.

So, what she did is, decorated her room with whatever she had. For example, her stuffed toys, pillows, photo frames, etc. We chose a yoga mat to be our ramp. We were dressed in pretty clothes. We wanted to give it a real effect, so we put off all the lights and created a show like an effect with the help of a torch.

Do you remember the crowns we made? Those were our headgears. As the audience took their respective place, my daughter made a grand entry and announced the show. The music started and then I was called backstage and we performed a dance at a song.

It was a successful show and the audience applauded as we finished!

These small things make a great impression on our children’s minds. Now that we have got some time for ourselves, let’s have fun with our family.

For more fun and engaging activity for kids to do at home ideas, click here.

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