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The much needed comfy pillow for my good night’s sleep: Origin Coolmax Superior Latex pillow

Origin Coolmax Superior Latex pillow

Having a good night’s sleep is an essential part to keep me going all day long. Especially during pregnancy, I am being severely restless at night and had to adjust my pillow several times to catch sound sleep. 

Twisting and turning all night long made me crazy and I ended up waking up to a rough morning. Then I knew I needed to change my pillow. Few things that I look particularly look for while buying a pillow for ultimate comfort are:

  • Thickness
  • Softness
  • Cotton covers

Most pillows these days come with a synthetic cover which makes it uncomfortable on the skin. While I put on a protective cotton cover, it tends to slip off due to the silky texture of the inner cover. 

While I was doing my research I came across this article The Best 8 Pillows in Singapore. To me, it seemed that I have reached the ultimate place where I will be able to know the best pillows available in Singapore to take a farm decision before investing. 

Origin Coolmax Superior Latex Pillow

While I checked the products on this blog, the Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow

Caught my attention. Indeed, I have never used a latex pillow before, but I thought to give it a try as it has a great review and many other users have put a positive review on the internet about this pillow. 


Soon I ended up ordering the pillow and to my surprise, it took only two days to reach me. It came in a nice blue box packaging and inside was the pillow. I was super impressed with the packaging itself

Origin Coolmax Superior Latex pillow

The look and feel of Origin Coolmax Superior Latex pillow

The pillow has a stitched pattern on its cover, and most excitingly it comes with one layer of protective cotton cover that is enclosed with a zip. This protects the pillow from staining and gives it a nice cottony touch.


The size and feel of the pillow were just as I wanted. A sturdy but soft pillow that holds its shape while it feels comfortable.


I am contending with the pillow and will highly recommend it to anyone who wants a pillow that is soft, sturdy, supportive, and comfortable.


Finally, a good night's sleep for me!

Oh! At last, I could catch a sound sleep. No more twisting and turning and adjusting my pillow. The origin pillow gave me all the support and comfort I needed. With my first experience using a latex pillow, I have suggested my husband to use one to comfort his back as he sometimes complains about the cotton pillow that he uses. 

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