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Top 5 Indian schools in Singapore With fees and ranking- CBSE, ICSE, IB

Indian schools in Singapore

Have you recently planned to move to Singapore and tirelessly looking for available schools, especially for Indian students? You heard me right! In this blog, we have made your search easier by consolidating a list of Indian schools in Singapore from CBSE, ICSE, and IB boards for your convenience.

Singapore and India are closely related when it comes to education. There are several schools with Indian boards, in Singapore. These schools teach everything that includes Singapore culture, but remain associated with India. It often gets difficult for parents to find schools all over a city, based on a single criterion. Few popular boards stay associated with a school or college.

Be it ICSE, CBSE, or IB, the basics taught are almost similar. However, the difference lies in the mode of teaching. However, we might help you reach some of them through our research. If you reside in Singapore and contemplating getting your child admitted to a school with an Indian board, then you shall consider the options listed below.

Some of the top Indian schools in Singapore are:

1. GIIS smart campus Singapore

Started back in 2018 by the not-for-profit Global School Foundation (GSF), GIIS smart campus is a school modernized method of teaching. Their mode of teaching is solemnly based on high technological standards. They are associated with both CBSE and IB boards. It is one of the predominant Indian international schools Singapore.

Fees- SGD-18,000-20,000 Annually

2. Global Indian International School

After GIIS school Singapore, global Indian international school, Singapore is the next most popular Indian school based in Singapore. The faculty has been recognized for its sincerity and excellence in the field of teaching. This school has all kinds of technological advancement that is expected to be in the mode of education of the present era. There are auditoriums, labs for researches, sports facilities, a comfortable classroom setting, modernized methods of examination, and a cooperative environment. It is among the most famous CBSE schools in Singapore.

Fees: SGD 18,000-20,000 Annually

3. NPS international

It is a CBSE/IB school based in Singapore. The facilities include a library, AV room, auditorium, playgrounds, science labs, computer labs, etc. It is a well-established group of schools in India and works at par excellence in Singapore. This school pays equal attention to artistic talents. There are art studios and other facilities for students wanting to opt for the art genre.

Fee: SGD21,600-25,000 for CBSE and IB (approx.) Annually

4. Yuvabharathi International School

It is an Indian school based in Jurong, in western Singapore. Being a school of typical Indian descent, it has gained popularity among the Indians residing in Singapore. There are facilities such as a vegetarian cafeteria, playgrounds, science labs, halls, etc. This school has generated various notable alumni over the years of service. There are options to study in Hindi, Tamil, and French. Various environmental tours are arranged during the academic year for the students to understand their culture and stay rooted in it.

Fee: SGD 8,700-12,600 Annually

5. DPS international

Located in the Aroozoo Avenue region of Singapore, DPS international is one of the most famous ICSE schools in Singapore. The community of DPS is very popular in both India and Singapore. The basics taught here are quite similar to that of any other school in the region. However, its roots are based in India attract attention. Over the 20 years of service, with all the facilities and advancement, this school has emerged as one of the best for your child.

Fees: SGD 10,000-13,000 Annually

This was a list of few Indian schools in Singapore (primary and secondary). The list can continue further, however, these were the handpicked ones that shall best suit your needs. The thriving of these schools portrays that India and Singapore are closely connected with their values. If you are an Indian residing in Singapore, you shall keep these Indian international school Singapore as your priorities while selecting one for your ward.

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