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10 gorgeous indoor pots and planters online to lift your mood and home decor

A pop of greenery can change the entire setup of your house. Last week when I was getting bored at home and had nothing much to do, an idea of planting little indoor plants strike my mind. As I shared the idea with my daughter, she instantly came up with ideas of buying beautiful and decorative pots and planter online.


I was amazed by the thought that how a dash of greenery can change the mood of the indoor setting as well as give us a positive vibe to uplift our mood.


I found a few extremely adorable, gorgeous, and affordable pots and planters Online that are delivered in India. The next thought strikes my mind, why not I share a list of pots and planters that I like with you and help you bring a smile on your face. 


Not only it can uplift your home décor and mood but also add interest to your child to plant trees. The list of 10 planters that I have carefully chosen for you consists of handcrafted pots that are suitable for indoor plants. Mostly I have to bring together modern as well as classic art pieces through my list. So, if you are an admirer of classic art or love the vibrant nature of contemporary art, you can find something for you in this list.


10 gorgeous and stylish pots and planters that you can buy online

This colorful ceramic planter is most suitable for your home, office, and balcony. Add these vibrant colors to your interiors to change the mood instantly. The specialty of these ceramics are, they are completely handmade and hand painted. 


One of my personal favorites. This ceramic blue and white planter give you the fresh vibes of Moroccan Design. The gorgeous planter comes in a set of two that you can place on a tabletop or any raised platform at your home. I truly recommend this one as this is my personal favorite. It will give you a rich look if combined with wooden or marble finish surfaces.


This ceramic planter is not a common scene. The shape of an elephant in a sitting position, depicts a tale of Indian culture and heritage. Make this white, high-quality ceramic planter your own and enhance the elegance of your home.


Handcrafted ceramic pieces are the best that you can ever select to add positivity to your home. This simple yet elegant planter will bring calmness and serenityto your interior decor.


ExclusiveLane Melting Glaciers Outdoor Garden Decorative Living Room Ceramic Planter

Add these ceramic brown and beige indoor planters to your living room and dining room and enjoy the greenery inside your house. 



One of the best idease to utilize small spaces such as balconies. If you have a small dedicated space for your beautiful plants, then install this wall handing garden essential to amplify the space as well as add elegance to your garden.


Fall in love with these geometric planters. These are the best match for your office desk as they are available in conventonal designs and colors. These cement planters come in various shapes, so you can choose one according to your preference. 


I cannot shift my eyes from this marble finished cement planter. This looks so elegant and adds value to the aesthetics of your room. Take a look at the black and white patters, which make this piece a stand out.


This captured my sight as it is a new and innovative design. A wooden brown frame with two suspended glass test tubes is a perfect fit to brighten up those sleek corners that are running out of space. Add this to your interior decoration and give it a facelift instantly. 


If you love pops of colors and are fond of mini cactus plants, then these ceramic pots are the must-have for you. Take a look at the colourful pots that are suitable for home interiors. It comes in different shapes and thus allows you to collect all of these cute little planters.


Planter and pots can add a style statement to your pictures as well. An elegant planter at the background of your picture can change the mood of the photography. Try this for your next picture and see the difference. You can now easily buy pots and planters online from the comfort of your home. As your home looks beautiful you will admire the beauty too and will feel positive in all sense. 






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