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5 Life lessons the current situation has taught me as a mother

A mother learn various life lessons during tough times

The smoothest picture of our life has certainly changed overnight with the outbreak of the corona virus. The fluctuations have been so obvious that life seems beyond our control. Most of us have a pre-planned wedding, vacations, academic goals, etc., which seems to be vague by this time. But as a mother, I cannot lose hope as  a life is completely dependent upon me. 

At the beginning of February, when the schools and offices started closing, life certainly came to a halt. As a result, we became restless and anxious about the situation as well as about our lives. 

As anxiety was building pillars inside me, I decided to give up thinking about what’s next, instead, I will focus on what I can learn from this unruly situation and how can I help my little child and family. 

This was the turning point where I started thinking about the challenging situation to be a learning experience and this is what I have learned from the outbreak of the Corona virus. These life lessons will be added to my values and principals for life. As a mother, it will also help me to understand the priority of things in life and how to arrange them accordingly. 

I hope these life lessons will also help you to pass through any difficult situation that might come your way anytime. It will also serve as a guideline to understand your priorities of life.


5 life lessons I learned from the corona virus outbreak

1. Health is the greatest wealth

Many times I have ignored my health while prioritizing other works such as career,  responsibilities, and even less important things in life. Today, if given a choice, a person will choose health over money in order to survive.

Therefore, this situation has taught me that nothing comes before health. And I can only assist others when my health is in place. So we must take care of ourselves first to help our loved ones. 


2. Relationships are an essential part of life

While we are spending time with our family like never before, there are challenges coming up each moment. The experience of people may vary on this topic, but this is the best time to understand who should matter to you the most. As we have enough time in hand to repair the damages once caused in a relationship.

As we stay away from our parents, even their absence matters to us. Actually, it has helped us to understand the importance of each relationship we share in our life. Perhaps, today I have time to call my relatives often to share a hearty conversation.


3. I don’t need all that I thrive for, in my life

Outfits, accessories, furniture, gadgets, and a lot more. Most of the time, these materialistic items keep us going for more. We look forward to be able to possess all the worldly luxuries in our life while we compromise our priorities. My lesson from this pandemic situation is that, I only need things that serve a purpose in my life, and for all that I have but I don’t need, I can let it go.  


4. Being a mother is a lot more than I ever thought

Motherhood has surprised me every now and then for the last 5 years. With my little abilities, I am dodging every little challenge that comes my way as a parent. But now that I am single-handedly raising my child with along with my husband’s support, things are more intense now. 

Of course, my husband is doing his part, but still as a mother, I feel the emptiness of other family members, and school in her life.

Meanwhile, I have to be more responsive to her emotions than academics. So, you may say there is a shift of focus on my child. Till last December I would worry about which school she must get admission in for Grade 1, but now what worries me the most is her health and happiness.


5. Communication is the greatest key to overcome stress

Stress is likely to grasp us when we are in a distressful situation like now, but keeping ourselves cocooned within our own protective shell will make us more vulnerable to breakdown. I have noticed, that even during such stressing time,  only a healthy communication between close family members  has helped to keep away from engrossing stress. 

The devastating virus has affected many of us and has claimed much life around the world. But every negativity has something positive to teach. If we can absorb the positivity from the current situation, it will help us to fight challenging times in the future. 

If you have something to share that the current pandemic situation has taught you, please write back to me in the comments. I would love to hear from you. 


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