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Timetable For Kids: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Planner Template | Free Printable

Daily schedule for kids. Printable timetable

Are you looking for a simple yet productive daily schedule for kids? You are at the right place. We have created a timetable template for you that can be easily filled up according to your child’s age and activity level. It is not only a daily planner, but has a weekly and a monthly planner as well. The fun part is you can customize it according to your preference. This timetable will keep your child organized and they will not feel bored again as they know what to do when.

You can get this PDF file with just a click. Print the daily schedule for your kid and enjoy filling it up together.


Daily schedule for kids. Printable timetable

With more homestay than before, kids easily get out of track and activity. They are unable to understand what they should do during the ample free time they get each day. Not knowing what to do, things start getting boring and that’s when they sit, they engage with video games and cartoons. While it is their age to play video games and watch cartoons, but kids can end up overdoing stuff when they are unsure about the time.

Most of the time parents also run out of ideas of how to engage kids productively at home. If you are one of them and you end up scratching your head thinking, “what to do when my child has the TV remote in his hand?” Well, we are here for your rescue.

Here is a video that tells how to turn boring time productive and fun for your child at home. If you happen to watch this video, do not forget to leave your valuable comments or add something we have missed.

This daily schedule for kids can be used for tracking daily activities for kids, weekly achievement and monthly improvement tracking.

Have fun!

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