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5 approachable self-care ideas for work from home moms

Putting your best foot forward needs conscious efforts, and this is most obvious for working moms. The importance of self-care takes the centre stage for busy moms who take up the responsibilities of their child, family, as well as their profession. 

Things get really difficult when moms choose to juggle between family and work. Working from home adds up to the difficulty level. In between the continuous struggle for family time and work, mothers choose to sacrifice on their self-care. 

Who doesn’t want a fulfilling and happy life? We all do right! But to usher happiness you as a person should be content, fulfilled, and satisfied with your life. Giving up self-care will not help if you are disturbed in the first place.

Self-care, happiness, family bond, and a successful career can only be yours while you understand the importance of self-care.

Is self-care important for moms?

Being a mother is one of the biggest responsibilities on earth. Upon that, as you take additional career responsibilities, it becomes even more difficult for you to live up to your expectation.

Often mothers neglect the importance of self-care. As a person, you must help yourself first to help others. So, to maintain a work-life balance it is crucial to indulge in self-care activities.


How difficult it is to work from home moms?

Mothers who are engaged in a profession and especially work from home, find it difficult to distribute their time efficiently. They indulge in over thinking and keep working to maintain an equilibrium between her family and work. 

Working from home makes it even more difficult to indulge in self-care. Here are 5 practical self-care ideas for work from home mothers that are easily adaptable in their daily life.

1. Put your health first moms

While taking care of everyone in the family, we neglect our physical health. When you teach your child to maintain good health by practicing healthy habits such as physical exercise, eating healthy, and sleeping well, you inevitably practice the same. As you practice what you preach, your child will be more receptive to adhering to you and thus you and your family will be able to maintain a healthy body and mind. 

2. Make a distinction between work and family time

Almost every work from home mom finds it difficult to divide their time between family and work efficiently. As they do not have distinctive time to dedicate to each responsibility, they somewhere tend to overrule the ground rules of work and family. 

One of the main reasons that work from home moms lose their cool is the mingling of profession and family time. Therefore, it is suggested that you clearly separate your workspace at home and strictly maintain a fixed time for work. Be considerate not to overrule your set timings. 

3. Keep a separate space for work

As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to separate and demark your workspace at home. This enables your family members to understand their working hours. You can also enjoy uninterrupted work hours while you practice this tip. You can create a workspace at home in a shared room or an isolated place according to your choice.

4. Work upon your home organization

As working moms, you don’t have much time to spend on finding things around your home. Keeping your home organized will take some extra efforts, but that will save your time as well as energy and help you be there on time for family or work. An organized home also gives you self-satisfaction which helps to overcome stress and increase concentration.

5. Indulge in self-care activities with your family

You can find solace in spending time alone or enjoying with your family. Indulge yourself in self-care activities with your family and share joy, happiness, and contentment. Give laughter a priority along with a healthy and connecting conversation with your child and family. 


Find out time for yourself from your busy schedule. Joyful  time will help you regain your mental state. Sometimes letting things go helps to maintain equilibrium in life. As we always say every person is different and so their needs are different as well. 

So, reach out for personalized help if you want to know more about self-care as a parent as well as a working mother. Approach a parenting coach who suits your parenting style and see the difference that comes to your life. 

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