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How to handle an argumentative child? Practical tips from a mother

how to deal with an argumentative child

Being a mother no wonder I have dealt with an argumentative child. Not that the phase has passed in my life, but I must say it is better than before. I have learned a lot of lessons in my everyday life and finally, I want to share this with you. 

Most of the process I am going to share with you here self leaned and experimental. I don’t promise that these methods will work overnight or change your life in just a second, but yes! If you practice these regularly, you will be amazed at the results.

Changing a habit is a time taking process and you have to be consistent and patient as you practice these tactics to make your child a better person as they grow up.

I have an advice for you here. There is no best age to start this process. Spot such behavioural issues on the first day and start acting upon it. Your readiness will help your child to mend their behaviour at the earliest. 



5 practical ways to handle an argumentative child?

1. Put a check on your behaviour as a parent

If you are thinking that how to handle an argumentative child, then you must first think about how to stop being argumentative in the first place. Remember, whatever your child does, is your reflection as a parent in their life. So, stop being argumentative, especially, in front of your child. Be respectful as you speak to others as well as your child. 

Keeping yourself calm as a parent is the best thing you can do to calm your child. When you show such behaviour to your child, they learn the same from you, and later, in turn, they will reciprocate calmness in their behaviour as well.


2. Teach your child to speak with respect

As parents, we sometimes conclude, that our kids know the right way of speaking a sentence. But, you may be wrong. It might happen that your child has heard a family member constantly talk harshly and then they have picked up the exact style of speaking. Your child may not be familiar with the right way of speaking with respect. Therefore, as a mother, you must teach your child to speak concerning others who are older as well as younger to them.

Whenever you spot your child talking disrespectfully or arguing on something, tell them to repeat the sentence in the right way after you. 


3. While dealing with a child who argues a lot be consistent and firm

At times you may feel low as a parent, but maintain consistency and firmness in your decision. Make your child understand that they can never overpower you or anyone else with an argument. Whenever they start arguing, make them feel that they are wrong. Never accept a situation of an argument with your child.

Practice this regularly and every time as your child continue to be argumentative. As you don’t let them win a battle based on their argument anymore, you will see they got less argumentative over time. The reason is simple, their act of argument is not landing them to their desired results anymore.


4. Ignore a child when they argue over everything

You will notice that some kids have no after effect of scolding. If your child falls into this category then you might use this never-failing technique. Avoid your child when they argue. As you avoid them, they will start feeling uncomfortable.

Your behaviour towards your child will make them feel measurable and they will seek your attention in a while. Wait for that time and then explain to your child, what they did wrong and what they should have done instead. 


5. Take out time in a day to exchange talk with your child

When your child is fierce, he might not listen to your advice. Don’t leave the battle there. Find a time during the entire day when you can spend some lone quality time with your child.

Make sure of having no distractions around, so that you and your child can connect over the talks. Take the time to talk to your child regarding their behaviour, achievements, and failure during the entire day. Tell them the aftereffects of their behaviour, also let them know how they can improve themselves and also explain your role in their life as a parent. 


So, if I have to comprehend the whole process, then I must say is, be calm, consistent, and kind as you work with your argumentative child. The process may take some time, but don’t give up and don’t let others overpower you by saying they are still quite young and things will change automatically as they grow. 

Believe me, if you don’t attend this problem today, then it will grow. As they get older and by the time they reach their teens it will be tough for you to mend their habit. Act fast and let your child learn good behavioural traits. 

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