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5 Ground Breaking Strategies for Parents to make Remote Learning Work for Kids

Since the beginning of 2020, the scenario of education has changed. With the lockdown in hand, students are kept away from the schooling atmosphere. Today, remote learning for kids is prevalent and there is no escape in the near future. So, we must find ways of overcoming the difficulties of home based learning (HBL) for kids and make it effective and simple for them.

Neha, who is a standard 1 pupil at an international school in Singapore, states that she enjoys home based learning. Her points are valid as she says she can now have the privilege of sleeping for long hours in the morning. On the other hand, Krish says, “I don’t have to carry my heavy school bag every morning”. Well, we as parents might not be able to come out of the stigma  around HBL and accept it as the new normal. 

Not all students are gladly accepting HBL as well. There are open declarations from the pupil that they are missing the classroom settings, their recess, friends and teachers. 

However, making the best use of the resources at hand is what we should do under the current crisis. While kids cannot be kept away from academic progress, we have to find ways to make remote learning for kids more effective and enjoyable. Here are five essential strategies  to make remote home based learning effective for kids.

1. Grab the teaching technique

As a parent, I have been struggling to match the style of my teaching with that of the teacher’s. Today when I can see and evaluate how remote teaching is executed, I have a clear idea of what and how I should do things now. If you are a homemaker or have enough time between your WFH routine to accompany your child during their online classes, then do not spare the opportunity. 

2. Make use of the time between classes

Between each online class, there is a minimum gap of 10 to 15 minutes and sometimes even more. Make effective use of the time and encourage your child to revise what is taught during the e-learning session. In this way, your child will find enough time to play after school. While you practice this, you would notice that learning has become smooth for your child as they practice just after the class which minimizes forgetfulness. The evening schedule which was packed with homework before, can now become their time to play and enjoy.

3. Make your child computer savvy

Today it is hard to find kids who are not addicted to mobile devices such as hand phones and laptops. But how many of them know the best use of it? Playing games over the internet does not make them tech savvy, however gaining computer knowledge for effective communication is important. As parents you should also be aware of the safe usage of the internet by your child. Focus on technological value than misusing it. It’s a great way to connect with your child too while they are learning and believe me, they would love your company. Try things like:

  • Safe use of the internet by teaching them where they need parental advice
  • How to join and function in virtual platforms that are used for HBL
  • Virtual meeting etiquettes
  • Creating e-greetings to friends and teachers for peer communication

4. Create Routines & Stay Organized

Self management is a crucial aspect of remote learning for kids. Successful routine fosters students follow through study plans, complete tasks and assignments, and keep them scheduled.

To organize the routine, parents have to confirm that they have things handy, such as the study materials required for the day’s HBL sessions, pencil, eraser, etc. Setting up a workspace for kids is also an essential task. To make the home based learning fully functional you would also need a handy printer.

5. Build-in Time for Connection

It’s obvious for everyone to feel depressed, anxious, and frustrated these days. Thus, connecting with your children will help in overcoming the stress. Give them some time to be themselves. Have an open and happy talk with them. Encourage them to self-advocate.

Ask them how their online classes are going, whether they are facing any issue with that or not. By doing all these things, you can make remote learning for kids easier. Don’t forget to add some relationship-building activities such as family walks, eating and cooking meals together, leaving little notes, snuggling or kissing them, and making them feel loved!

On a personal note

At this time, everyone is struggling to adjust to the new normal, especially kids. The change in the learning and education system has added a lot of stress, pressure, and frustration to students’ lives. Now, the home has become commonplace to learn and rest. Therefore, students find it difficult to create boundaries between their personal and school lives.

Due to this, many students are struggling with distraction. So, all the parents looking for effective ways to balance school and home life can check the groundbreaking strategies mentioned above. To seek more help, stay connected with us.

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