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8 Tips to keep your child’s focus and concentration during online school?

With the current situation becoming the new normal, the children are adapting themselves to the present trend of online classes. The acceptance and adaptability levels are high for children. Their concentration levels and retention capability have to be tested so often to understand its depth and to improvise it if the need arises. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic news from every part of the day, to kill the boredom, some children resort to video games, videos, movies. Working Parents and those living nuclear family types can’t much help to keep the child occupied for so long without screen time. 

Is there a possibility to stop the screen time for kids? The answer is no. Because there are some positive reasons for viewing beneficial content available on the internet. Higher levels of screen time have major repercussions, whilst lesser screen time for kids, it is better for overall well being.

Aren’t you as a parent worried to keep your child, focused, and on toes despite the situation? If you notice poor concentration in your child, it’s time to buck up. 

  • When the child misses or loses his belongings
  • When he fails to stay organized
  • When he finds it difficult to remember what he learned
  • When his handwriting is poor for his age.
  • When there are constant mood swings
  • When gross motor skills require improvement.

Now, if you notice one of the above, the changes in a child, they must know what can be done to improve their focus. The kid’s concentration during online classes is not on par as compared to the traditional classrooms. Where do you think the responsibility is to improve the undivided attention of the child? As parents, teachers, we strive hard to improve the concentration of online schools.


Tips to improve the focus and attention of the children during online school

1. Distraction-free environment

  • Turn off the TV and other noise bound devices, including having telephonic conversations which may instigate them to involve in the other activities during online school.
  • Remove the items from the table and from the room which they may like to fiddle with. Keep the environment conducive to learning and improving their writing or reading skills. E.g. A proper study table with mandatory electronic devices, a bookshelf which induces them to read, a toy-free zone, also can keep aromatic oils calm their wavering mind, small air purifier plant.

2. Eat well and sleep well

  • As parents, we must feed them properly before the commencement of the classes. They have to follow some regimen to eat on time and sleep well for their age. 
  • Keep the water bottle handy for them to sip during the online classes and ensure their biological breaks are reduced during the online school.

3. Provide positive feedback

  • Appreciate with a pat-on-the-back when your child feels they have completed a task. Your face beaming with an appreciative smile will do, sometimes gestures go a long way than words.
  • Understand the child’s liking of appreciation, approach them the same way. Give them stars for the achievement, some treats without affecting health and mental health, or some stickers to bring a smile and a sense of completion.

4. Understanding the chapters

  • A practice to ensure the chapters are revised before the commencement of the classes. This helps the child to have confidence before attempting the classes
  • They tend to have a better grasp of the subject when they go through the same during the classes are going on.
  • Also, the flow to perform the exercise questions during online schools will be easier and they can give better and quick solutions.


5. Memory games

  • Play memory games that keep making them think frequently, this not only keeps their interest high,  but helps them to focus and improve their grasping level.  
  • Words building, names building, or questions about countries and capitals to refresh their memory.
  • Spelling games, it works like wonders, children go based on the sounds of the words, their concentration levels go an extra mile.
  • Memory games tend to fine-tune their levels in online schools.

6. Set goals and give daily responsibilities

  • Timetable speaks everything when it is properly laid out (which happens over a period of time) kids tend to follow very easily
  • Reward systems can be introduced so as to encourage them
  • Children will start following a routine that will help them a lifetime and give the best during online classes for kids.
  • Once it is set, they follow the trend without any hassle.



7. Be flexible in approach

  • Being rigid is not going to help you. That not only kills the interest but also affects the mental peace which the child derives by keeping them occupied.
  • When the child is made to do a task without pressurizing them, they tend to perform better.
  • There can be flexibility, but having the big picture in mind is equally important. This will help to pay attention during online classes.

8. Identify the right study time

  • When there is a time fixed for doing academics, children will be more attentive.
  • Kids concentration during online classes bound to increase multiple times.
  • Fix a timer to complete some tasks, this helps them to concentrate better and it provides them the idea to complete work on time.
  • The right study time brings in a discipline in children and helps them complete work meticulously during online classes.


The world around us has a lot of troubles and chaos, we need to stay positive to keep our life going on. We must teach such tactics to our children and understand that the world expects survival of the fittest. When we keep imbibing them with such tips at a very young age, it goes a long way and helps them to deliver the best wherever they are.

One bonus tip to keep improving kids’ concentration during online classes is to help them stay in touch with their friends, which mutually includes being physically active. This tip would keep them happy, focused, satisfied, and complete.




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