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Meditation is not my thing. Instead, I do this to keep mind calm

You are just like me if your morning starts with a buzzing alarm clock by your side. Each day is like a never-ending routine that allows you to run on the same track again and again. I rush to make ends meet in the wee morning hours. At night I arrange for the next day. By the time the weekend arrives, it frights me to start over again in the following week. In such situations, it is hard to keep mind calm especially, when you are nowhere connected to meditation.

Except for the daily rush, many things can imbalance your inner harmony. Everyone has a reason to be sad or depressed. But amidst all, we need to be joyful, relaxed, and calm to be the best we can be. 

Meditation is not for me!

I cannot imagine myself meditating in front of flickering light. I mean I can’t sit still without a purpose. And I believe there are people like me who don’t get the logic of meditation. Please don’t judge me, I am being true!

So what I do instead to calm down anxiety?

I sit for hours and hours with something I love to do.

Yes! Just imagine going to your favorite thing. I am sure you can spend hours doing that. Well, with few exceptions where people love to watch their favorite shows on TV or sleep. Doing your favorite things to calm you down is the best way to be in your tune. But how do you know what you love the most?


Not one size fits all; instead, listen to your mind to calm down anxiety.

Every individual may find it differently, but the result achieves can be the same, calmness! Most of the time we ignore what our mind says. We often consider what others suggest and neglect our own minds. 

No matter how silly your hobby seems to the other person, do not pay heed. Always listen to your heart when it comes to keeping your mind calm.

I believe meditation is not only about sitting in a quiet place and concentrating. For me medication can be done everywhere, the only point is to be able to concentrate. 

Here is what I do to stay calm

I love crafting and therefore, I have found a new hobby (which was always my interest) to draw mandala art. It may seem to you that the mandala is not a new form of art, as it has been a part of Hindu and Buddhist mythology for centuries, it is truly mesmerizing. For those who love drawing or crafting, mandala art is the best way to calm someone down. It allows you to explore your creativity with little to no knowledge of art. While you indulge in Mandala art, you get to relate your creations to your life. Mandala art indeed lets you connect with your soul and thus helps calm down anxiety. 


lotus mandala art

What if you don’t know how to draw?

You don’t need to know drawing at all to paint beautifully and relaxing mandala designs. All you need is a pencil, compass, rules, and a set of black sketch pen. If you may like to add colour to your mandalas then you would need colours such as sketch pen, or watercolour, etc. 



Here are a few works to inspire you

I have recently tried my hands on mandala when life took me through a roller coaster. Mandala art helped me to heal from the inside and believe me, I can spend hours creating one. The most interesting part is you can add as many circles as you want. A mandala is never complete or incomplete. It completely resembles our life. We can add layers to our lives, but even if we don’t it is never incomplete or complete. 

mandala bookmark

For a step by step tutorial for mandala art, you can subscribe to Healing Hobbies and get a regular  mandala art tutorial for beginners. 

There could be several imperfections in your mandala, but don’t leave it in between. Once you complete your design the mandala will surprisingly hide all the imperfections in it and the result will be just mesmerizing. Isn’t it just like our life?

So, get inspired and spend some time with you to keep mind calm. Note the things to do to calm anxiety which you like. If you take minimal interest in drawing or art, spend an hour drawing mandala and I promise you will find peace.

Materials you would require to draw mandala designs

For making perfect mandala grid you would need a geometry box which will cover most of the items you need. You will also require a smooth flow Pigma pen, and a drawing block. To make it handy for you, we have a list of products that you might like to buy for your enchanting mandala experience. 

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