Top 20 millennial mom bloggers in India who will inspire you in 2020

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A mother’s life is full of adventure. Starting from taking care of an infant to entertaining a toddler, it takes a lot to maintain the busy life of a mother. To help mothers in their journey, there are mom bloggers in India who share their personal experience and expertise to help mothers around the world.

Behind every parenting blog in India, there is a real mother who brings such wonderful blogs to us. There is a success story of these mommy bloggers in India. Let us know these super talented women who has wonderfully handled their personal life and side-by-side have nurtured their blogs which have been a go-to for thousands of moms from around the globe.

Top 20 Indian parenting blogs and the successful mommy bloggers:

  1. Lifestyle mother blogger Snehalata Jain- Blogs Sikka  
  2. A Lifestyle mom blogger who writes about positive parenting, Dipika Singh- Gleeful blogger
  3. Parenting and motherhood blogger Surbhi Mahibia- Pretty Mumma Says
  4. Mom blogger Kushal Singhal- Café Whiz
  5. Lifestyle mom blogger Priyal- Pari Lifestyle
  6. A mom blogger who talks about good parenting tips, Eswar Prasad- Parenting India
  7. An expat mom blogger Avanti Chaturvedi- Her Musings Online
  8. Fashion designer mommy, Sneha Paliwal Tiwari- High Street Mommy
  9. A mom blogger from Delhi, Neha- Growing with Nemit  
  10. Super mommy from Singapore, Neetu- Super Mommy
  11. A writer-mommy blogger Vidya Sury- Vidya Sury
  12. Twin mommy blogger from India, Gauri Kshirsagar- Raising Twins Blog
  13. Professional parenting blogger Sangeetha Menon- Bumps n Baby 
  14. A mom centric blog by Meghalee-Mom’s Cove
  15. A mom blogger who believes in organic living, Neha Goyal- Being Happy Mom
  16. Indian magazine for mother and baby by Shibani Kumar-Mother and Baby India
  17. Award-winning mom bloggers in India, Shweta- The Times of Amma
  18. Indian parenting blogger from Aby Dhabi, Bilna Sandeep- Monsoon Breeze
  19. Indian mom from California, Roshni- Indian American Mom
  20. New Indian mom blogger from Singapore, Subhasree Poddar- Mom I love

Take a look at the top 20 millennial mom bloggers in India who will surely inspire you in 2020

1. Lifestyle mother blogger Snehalata Jain- Blogs Sikka

A full-time mother and a Microbiologist and lecturer by profession, Shenalata Jain is a dynamic lady. Her love for travel, food and child education brought her to the journey of blogging. 

As she blogs about her real-life experience, she wanted to name her blog uniquely so that she can add any special thing that happens to her. Today Snehalata is one of the top Mom bloggers in India.

2. One of the lifestyle mom bloggers In India who is inclined towards positive parenting, Dipika Singh- Gleeful blogger

Born in a small industrial town in Uttar Pradesh, Dipika made her journey to Bangalore for higher studies for Masters in Management Studies. She had also worked with international banking giants and finally landed in the world of blogging. 

She is indeed a successful mom blogger in India who mostly writes about parenting, food, lifestyle, fashion, social issues, glamour and much more.

3. One of the parenting and motherhood bloggers in India, Surbhi Mahibia- Pretty Mumma Says

Surbhi, holds a master’s degree in Mass Communication and has worked for top-notch IT and Textile firms is a full-time mother of two now. 

As she was experiencing her motherhood journey, she came up with the idea to pen down her journey of motherhood through an Indian parenting blog that will surely benefit other moms like her. Not only she writes her own experience, but she also does a lot of research before she presents a story for her readers.

4. One of the successful mom bloggers in India, Kushal Singhal- Café Whiz

Kushal describes her blog to be a one-stop for parents with babies, young children, and teenagers. Kushal is a mother of two and successfully juggling between her duties as a mother, a wife and a dedicated mom blogger in India. 

 She started with Café Whiz in the year 2018. You can find stories related to parenting needs and motherhood diaries in her blog.


5. One of the Lifestyle mom bloggers in India who love to travel, Priyal- Pari Lifestyle

Priyal is an enthusiast traveler, a fantastic cook, and a great mother. She has developed her love for writing as she has a lot of experience to share. 

Priyal blogs about food, parenting, arts, products and much more. She believes in spreading a smile to everyone she touches in life with her blog. Read her blogs to know Priyal even better.



6. A blogger who talks about good parenting tips, Eswar Prasad- Parenting India

An ex-principal of an esteemed school, Eswar Prasad spends most of her time in reading books that involve parenting and childcare. Eswar believes that there can be no bad child, but there can be bad teachers or parents. 

 With the help of the blogs, Eswar depicts her years of experience as a principal and leanings form life. Follow Parenting India for an enriching parenting journey.


7. A parenting blogger who helps new moms, Avanti Chaturvedi- Her Musings Online

It has just been a year that Avanti Chaturvedi has started her blog. As she entered motherhood, she understood that it requires much anticipation and knowledge, which we only achieve by experience.

She started sharing her experience to make the journey of motherhood a little easy, especially for the new mommies. Her favorite is the “Musings” section that is home to the many ruminations of a woman- mother or not! In her personal life, she is a compassionate mother, a dedicated blogger and a Cambridge scholar who loves to teach her adult students.  

8. A fashion designer mommy, Sneha Paliwal Tiwari- High Street Mommy

Sneha is a fashion designer by profession and a work-from-home mommy. Her little girl inspires her to be a mom blogger in India. For Sneha, the world is all about positivity and spreading love. Come join her in her blog and know about mom and kids fashion, kid’s décor, DIY, parenting, travel and much more.

9. A mommy blogger from Delhi, Neha- Growing with Nemit

Neha is a passionate learner and a mother of two, her child Nemit and her dog Caesar. Through her mommy blog, Neha wants to document all her real experiences which she gains over time as a mother. Neha is a happy go lucky person who is a charming wife and an entertaining mother. do follow her blogs if you are a new mother too.

10. A real super mommy from Singapore, Neetu- Super Mommy

Neetu describes each mother to be a super mommy for their children. And somewhere it is true. Every child reaches out to their mother to rescue and during hard to solve situations. Neetu documents her journey as a mother through her blog. Her blog topics, mostly include parenting, kids, motherhood, recipes, shopping, and a lot more. You have to check out her mommy blog to know more.

11. A writer, editor, reviewer, and blogger Vidya Sury- Vidya Sury

Vidya brings a smile to very readers who go through her writings. She is a storyteller and a pathfinder for you. If you are struggling with parenting issues, then it could be Vidya whom you want to reach. Reach out to her and she is ready to offer you valuable insights through her writing.

12. A twin mommy from India, Gauri Kshirsagar- Raising Twins Blog

Gauri is a busy mother of two identical twin girls. She talks about her daily find outs with her angels and also put forward DIYs and other creative stuff which she practically does at home to keep her twins engaged. You can find a variety in her blog as she adds her stories and also takes insights from pediatricians and other experts when needed.


13. A professional parenting blogger from India, Sangeetha Menon- Bumps n Baby

Sangeetha is a business analyst turned professional parenting blogger based in India. Her blog has gained immense popularity in overtime for parenting tips, recipes, pre, and postnatal care and much more. Take a look at her website to find an answer to anything related to motherhood.

14. A mom’s blog that focuses on mothers by Meghalee- Mom’s Cove

 Meghalee has made a space for mothers where there is parenting, but she takes it beyond the regular chores involved in a mother’s life. Mom’s cove is a parenting website which has focused on the well being and happiness of mothers. If you are someone who is finding happiness beyond your duty as a mother, look forward to Mom’s cove, they have a beautiful would for you.


15. A mom blogger in India who believes in organic lifestyle, Neha Goyal- Being Happy Mom

Neha is a mother of her 5 years old son. She believes in spending long vacations which bring her understanding, joy and learning about a different culture, people and place. For her, our children are the imitators of their parents. So a mother learns many things during her journey. She mostly talks about home remedies, food, and travel through her blog.

16. An Indian magazine for mother and baby by Shibani Kumar- Mother and Baby India

Shibani is a single mother and she has no glitch about it. She is a dentist by profession and owns her mom and baby magazine which talks about pregnancy, baby and toddlers in general. This Indian mommy blogger talks about various topics contributed by her team and mothers. Her magazine is the number one in India in its category.

17. One of the award-winning mom bloggers in India, Shweta- The Times of Amma

Shweta is a writer and an award-winning parenting blogger and a full-time mother indeed. Before she started her motherhood journey she was a television correspondent for CNN-IBN in India. Soon she left her native country and started living an expat life. She continued with her writing journey while juggling with her everyday responsibility. She provides online writing mentorship through her blog. Find her interesting stories through her blog The Times of Amma.

18. An Indian parenting blogger from Aby Dhabi, Bilna Sandeep- Monsoon Breeze

A civil engineer by profession, Bilna started her journey as a blogger from Abu Dhabi in 2016. All this came into action when she took a break from her full-time job due to her pregnancy. Through her blogs, Bilna talks about empowering women and building self-confidence in women which will push them to live their dreams.

19. A super busy Indian mom from California, Roshni- Indian American Mom

A mother of two Roshni is now settled in California. She keeps super buys to raise her two sons in an Indian-American family. She writes mostly about how it is for her to raise her children in a mixed culture and her experience as an expat mother. If you are an expat mother and can relate to her story, then stop here and read her blogs.

20. A new Indian mom blogger from Singapore, Subhasree Poddar- Mom I love

Subhasree’s dream to start blogging matured as she shifted to Singapore when her child Chandreyee was 3 years old. In the year 2018 she started writing at a platform called The Happy Parenting and later in 2020 she started Mom I Love as her official website. 


Her blog is recently featured in the top 15 list of mom bloggers in Singapore by Feedspot.

A PR professional turned mom blogger is enthusiastic about writing her everyday stories which would help mothers from around the world. She pens down her true experiences in the form of blogs which facilitate her readers to connect with her writing. She believes in a problem-solving approach and writes about topics that hold value in the life of a new mother.


So here’s the list of mom bloggers in India who will surely inspire you in 2020. Take a look and find out your best blog to which you can go to for all your parenting needs. If the list has helped you then please leave a comment below and also let us know if you want to get featured in this blog.





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