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See how super moms are engaging in activities with kids at home to fight boredom

kid drawing
Paper squirrel
Paper bird
Paper cow
Paper computer

Moms are super talented and so are you. We find tons of ideas around activities with kids at home to keep our little ones engaged. Moms like you have always put forward your child’s request before your personal needs. I salute your effort as a mother to prioritize your child.

To recognize your efforts during such testing time, when we are bound to stay at home 24X7, I have come up with an idea to feature your activities with kids at home. This small initiative is to reward you with recognition as a super mom and celebrate your achievement as you take one day at a time.

Super mom Naynasree Das

Naynasree, is a darling and I call her Nayna. She is a real super mom who is working hard day to raise her child Nevaan. Like any other mommy, she is a Supermom. Nayna, is also a fantastic DIY craft artist. She is good at quilling art as well. Now take a look at her craft activities with kids at home.

Paper squirrel
Paper cat

Super mom Moumita Maulik

I am just getting to know Moumita and I came across her beautiful DIY craft which she created at home with her daughter. As we are keeping busy all day, moms are loaded with special responsibilities of entertaining our kids all day. A special thanks to Moumita for sharing her craft work.

Paper bird
Paper cat
Paper doll

Super mom Nibedita Deb

I have heard that Nibedita is a super talented mommy. She is a superb artist who takes a special interest in painting. Today Nibedita came up with her craft activities with kids at home to amaze her child. I hope we will get to see a lot more from Nibedita shortly.

Paper tiger

These super moms are just to name a few. Ankita Saha has shared a lot of paper craft idea with us. Here is a glimpse of her art work.

paper grasshopper

Super mom Tanushree Das have posted a fantastic picture with us here. Isn’t it amazing to see such little happy faces all around us?

Well, it’s a great inspiration, to get in contact with super moms like you. I hope more mommies will come up with their ideas that can benefit all of us as a community.


But wait! Would you like to hear about me? It’s like blowing my own trumpet but, I just want to share my creative ideas with you here. Not that I am super creative, but my daughter Chandreyee demands a lot of engagement throughout the day, especially when she is at home all the time. 

Actually, she gets to do a lot of engagement activities like school, and she is trapped at home now, she needs me by her side all the time.

kid drawing

Thank you, mommies, for participating and reading this article. Your valuable comments will be appreciated. Thank you once again for being super mommies and keeping your kids engaged with activities at home. Share your story with your friends and family and flaunt your art work.

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