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Most important questions answered for mothers to keep their families safe during Coronavirus pandemic

Answers to frequently asked questions for mothers related to Coronavirus

The current situation of the world keeps us worrying all the time. Mothers frequently ask questions related to Coronavirus to keep their family safe. By seeing such a huge number of parents seeking Coronavirus related answers on various platforms, I have tried to bring together the most important questions and answered them in accordance with UNICEF and other reliable sources.


My motive is to empower you as a parent with the correct information. Taking care of your anxiety is a must when you are the pillar of your family. Here are some most important answers to questions frequently asked by mothers to keep their families safe during the current pandemic.

How can I prevent my family from getting affected by the Coronavirus, which is spreading quickly?

With the current government initiative, we are self-quarantined at home. This is a great way to keep you and your family safe from Coronavirus. Avoid going out for unnecessary reasons. And make sure not to stay near a gathering. Practicing good hygiene is important during this pandemic.

Can wearing masks, stop the spread of COVID-19?

Most countries are making it compulsory to wear a mask. But it has been made evident by W.H.O.,  that wearing a mask has no evidence to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. 


Rather, while you wear a mask, it itself is contaminated with germs and viruses when touched several times. You can rather practice better self-hygiene by washing your hands frequently and avoid going to crowded places even when going out to buy necessary items such as groceries. For more information watch this video published by BBC NEWS.


How should mothers stop their children from removing their masks?

In many countries, it has been a strict order to wear a face mask while going out. The rule is applicable to children above the age of two. However, if your child is not going out, then there is no need to make them wear a mask at home. 


In case, you have to go out for an emergency with your child, make sure he/she puts on a mask. This will restrict the free flow of germs and viruses into his nostrils. If your child is not agreeing to wear a mask, you can try and decorate and customize a mask for him. Try to put on a home-made cotton mask for your child.

How to protect my child from Coronavirus?

With schools closed around the world, there are fewer chances of contamination for kids. It is advisable not to send children to your neighbors as well. Make sure you stay at home like a family and even the closest friend and neighbor should not be given access to your house. This is the only way to protect and keep your families safe from Coronavirus.

Does immunity play any role in keeping Coronavirus away?

The effects of Coronavirus on a body, depends on his/her ability to fight with the disease. So far medicines are working differently, with patients of different immunity levels. 

Whereas until now, there is no valid evidence of growing immunity against the Coronavirus disease, but your self-immunity can help you to recover faster if you contaminate the disease. Therefore, keeping up your immunity level high is a must during this pandemic.  

How do I deal with anxiety during the global pandemic?

The whole world is shattered and its growing day-by-day, in this situation it is normal to get worried. But, to keep anxiety away you must accept the situation in hand and work towards fighting the odds. There are some situations which are not under our control and what we can do is just accept it and do our part. 


Another way to deal with anxiety during Coronavirus pandemic is by distracting your mind with something which interests you. Shift your focus to something you like and keep yourself busy and indulge in something positive.

How can I convince my child to stay at home during Quarantine?

Children are experiencing hard to be at home 24X7. Make your child aware of the situation in your own way and say why they cannot go out currently. Don’t let your child get bored easily and create a practical daily routine for your child to follow at home. Talk to his/her class teacher and follow the school’s instruction for activities and home works. Make sure your child gets enough time for rest and play. Create exciting games and crafts to enjoy with your child.

What activities do I practice to utilize my time at home?

If you are a working parent, then you would hardly have any time to spend on activities. In case you are a stay-at-home parent, indulge in activities that you like. You can practice your hobby which you have left a long ago due to time constraints. Play with your child and spend more time in developing a great relationship with your child and partner.

How can I keep my child engaged at home during the Coronavirus outbreak?

While we are fighting the odds of Coronavirus, do not neglect the fact that your child has to return to school after the pandemic is over. Don’t let your child lose his/her track on studies. Continue homeschooling your child and follow a simple routine that has enough room for education. Rest you can follow a daily time table to keep hassles away. Also, try fun and engaging activities with your kids at home. You can find various creative ideas here 

What food do we eat to increase immunity during the pandemic?

Eating nutritious food is a must during Coronavirus to keep your immunity level high. Include healthy food in your diet that is easily available near you. Include food that is rich in Vitamins and minerals like milk products, poultry, fish, vegetables, etc. 

This is the best time to give up your bad habits such as smoking, consumption of alcohol, etc. Take a look into the goodness of Ayurveda and consume food that is mentioned in our age-old culture to improve immunity. Products like turmeric and garlic are good to include in everyday food to increase immunity.

What lifestyle habit can help us keep good health during this testing time?

Leading a healthy lifestyle can increase your immunity and can help you stay fit during the pandemic. It is also important to keep yourself fit to avoid unnecessary health hazards and related anxiety. 

A few things which you can change in your daily lifestyle is, catch up good sleep every night, eat healthy food, give up bad habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol, practice good personal hygiene, develop your connection with family members, it is a good time to acquire new skills through a virtual learning process.

What precautions we should take for self-health improvement?

Take care of your health by consuming at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day, avoid consumption of unhealthy snacks during the day, get enough rest, wash your hands frequently, clean your house especially the living area clean frequently. Include fruits in your daily diet.

How to do laundry to keep infection away?

Yet there is no proven record that till what time the virus can stay alive on cloth surface. However, when you return home from outside, immediately wash your clothes in detergent. Use warm or hot water to wash the cloths. It is advisable to wash them separately. Also, do not spank the cloth inside your house.

What does it mean by a highly accessible surface?

Highly accessible surface means the areas which are constantly touched, such as tabletops, chairs, etc. It is important to clean and sterilize highly accessible surfaces frequently to avoid contamination.

How can I keep my house clean during Coronavirus?

Clean highly accessible surfaces frequently, follow a daily cleaning routine at your home. Cleaning your home minutely can be a hectic job, so ask for help from other family members. Keep your house well ventilated at all times to keep it germ free.

What should I use for cleaning and disinfecting my house?

Use soap and water to wipe surfaces in your home for cleaning dirt and germs, second use disinfecting agents to sanitize the surface. Do not forget to wear gloves and masks while cleaning your house.

Can I catch the infection from food packaging when bought from stores?

Practicing personal hygiene while handling food packaging can help you stay away from contamination. While there is no evidence of transmission of the virus through food, therefore, you have to be cautious while handling the food packets. Wash your hands thoroughly while cooking and cover your face with a cotton mask to avoid contamination of food.

Can I contact coronavirus by touching a surface?

Yes, you can contact Coronavirus by touching a surface. It is possible when an infected person has touched the same surface or if the virus is staying on the surface by any other means. Be extra precaution while you go out to shop for groceries or for some other reason. Do not touch any surface and avoid touching your face while you are out. Thoroughly wash your hand before you touch your body.

How do I talk to my child about coronavirus?

If your child is too young to know about the current pandemic, there is no such importance to make him/her aware of the situation. However, if your child, panics about the current pandemic, explain that this is normal and we are taking all precautionary measures to fight it. Do not show your anxiety to your child to keep them stress-free.

How to control the anxiety of my child during this time?

Talk to your child about the current situation and tell them how medical teams, volunteers, and the government are fighting to control the situation. Explain to them why you as a family is not at risk of catching the virus. Also, try and divert their mind into something they like to keep worries away.

How do I keep up with my child’s school routine to ensure no academic gap?

Most schools provide daily routine and homework for younger children, while, secondary students are offered with online classes. Follow your child’s school routine and create a homeschooling environment for your child. It is important to keep up their daily education, as they need to keep up with their academics once school reopens.

How do I plan my day during Coronavirus effectively?

With enough time to relax plan your day in a productive way. Plan your day at the last night and indulge in some me-time every day. Acquire your mental sanity through exercise and medication. And do your regular work in accordance with your child’s sleep schedule.


Should I continue to breastfeed my child if I am effected with Coronavirus?

Mothers are advised to continue breastfeeding their children between the ages of 0 to 24 months. In case a mother is infected with Novel Coronavirus, she should continue breastfeeding with due care of respiratory hygiene. Wear a mask and wash your hands before feeding your child. Also, sterilize other baby products before touching. You can also encourage to pump breast milk if feeding your child directly is a problem.

Still, if something is keeping you worried about protecting your family  during the current pandemic, write to me in the comment section. I will bring you answers from the right source. 



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