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10 daily routine tips for stay-at-home mothers for a productive and stress-free day during COVID19

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Life seems to be at a standstill with the current situation. Only a good daily routine can keep us focused. When the whole world is fighting Coronavirus, mothers at home are fighting with keeping their cool. As all the members of your house stay at home, including your child, it really becomes tiresome to take care of them round the clock.


 A well-planned daily routine can rescue a super mom like you to live a stressful life. With a proper day’s routine, you can make your day, even more productive and joyful.


Why is it important to keep your mental sanity mommies?

Being a mother and a wife is demanding. Your role has to cater to a lot of responsibility all through the day. As we are spending most of our time together, at this challenging time, it becomes difficult to keep up with everybody’s expectations.

However, a mother it is important for you to keep your mind relaxed and stress-free. Your mental agony will not only affect you but your family.

While you plan your day according to a pre-set daily routine, you can see amazing results and how it helps to keep yourself cool.

While you are in stress:

  • Your child will be effected with your stress
  • You will face a low-time
  • Your day’s work will be at a toss
  • Your partner will be worried
  • Depression will take a toll on your life

 Therefore, a well-planned daily routine is a must to keep stress away from your life.

How sketching a daily routine helped me to regain my mental sanity?

Being a mother, I face these challenges every day. Especially at times when the family is confined at home. Doing daily household work was on my cards from before, as we stay in Singapore, away from our extended family. But work and responsibilities have increased when there is no school or office. Even there is no scope to go out to play, which makes it difficult for us to maintain our sanity throughout the day.


Here are 10 daily routine tips that I follow every day in my life. Previously, our life was unstructured and so I could easily become tired and mentally stressed. My mom always says that discipline and routine can keep you on track and can also keep boredom away.

Gradually, with tests and trials, I have arrived into a personalized daily routine which makes my day much easy, productive and of course stress-free. Here I am sharing my secret formula with you.


10 amazing daily routine tips for stay-at-home moms for a productive and stress-free day

1. Plan your day the night before

You can only start your day smoothly when you plan it, ahead. So before you go to sleep, make a plan for the following day. For example, when will you wake up the next morning, plan your meals for the day, dedicated time for your kid’s study, time to rest, chalk out your exercise routine, room for entertainment and so on.


As you plan your day the night before, you don’t have to spend your precious morning time into thinking what’s next.

2. Start your day with quality “me-time”

Do not forget, that you are the most important pillar of the family. So keeping yourself happy and content should be the priority in your daily routine list. Make sure to wake up earlier than anyone else in the family.


Let me tell you my story. I am not a morning person at all. But for a few days after missing some early morning alarms, I am making it in the morning. Believe me, it is a real sense of relief when the world around you is sleeping and you can sip your coffee with yourself while admiring nature doing something you like or sampling enjoying your drink. This me-time will refresh you for the day and keep you going.


It is especially needed at this testing time because you could have enjoyed the alone time when kids and your partner leaves home for school and office. But not it is not possible, as you are always surrounded by your (demanding) family. Try this and see the difference yourself.

3. Spend time with your children as they wake up

When talking about the morning routine, you cannot neglect the need of your child. The most important part of your daily routine in the morning must include 10 to 20 minutes of quality time with your child cuddling, caring and loving your child. When you do this together with your partner, it encourages family bonding and also keeps the stress away from life.


Try this awesome technique and you will feel how your child is developing a strong bond as a family. It also boosts your child’s self- confidence and develops a feeling of belongingness.

4. While planning your day’s routine, keep your child’s schedule in mind

Young children have a pattern of sleep that should not collide with your daily routine. Plan your day according to your child’s schedule, which may include his meal time, nap time, play time, study time, etc. For example, you can practice your hobby when your child is taking a quick nap. Or you can quickly arrange your house while he is playing off his own.

It is always a good practice to do all the meal preparation last night to save time the next morning. While you practice this, you would see, your child is becoming less cranky and thus your mental peace is reinforced.

5. Spend strategic time in the kitchen

Well, with everyone at home, you must be spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately! Unnecessary hunger and ask for a snack by every member of the house frequently must be annoying for you. This hot and humid atmosphere of the kitchen given me to chill as well. However, I have a hack for you.


Snack is the most asked item during the day time. As you cut your vegetables and make all arrangements last night for the meal preparation, similarly, make snacks in bulk and store it in airtight containers. You can make an easy and fulfilling snack which can be easily stored and keep them aside for the children as well as other members of the house.


Planning your kitchen time in this way will help you to spend less time in the kitchen.

6. Ask for help and divide your work

Please understand you are not the only one who needs to take the responsibility of the entire family all the time. Even though your partner is working from home, ask for help for some particular hours during the day. This may seem tough, but you have to talk to your partner and make him understand your mental and physical state.


However, your child can also help you with small household chores which will be fun and engaging for them too.


In my case, though my husband and I both are working from home these days, he will take the responsibility to cook lunch for us and I will be doing the rest of the cooking for the day. He will also help me to clean the house every alternate day and in this way, it becomes way easy to keep up with our daily routine and sanity.

7. Set a routine for your child

As we are staying at home all the time and our kids are not going to school, it does not mean they will not follow a routine. Make a daily routine for your child and mention even the smallest things as you plan his day. For example, mention time to wake up, time for a shower, time for breakfast, meals, study, playtime, nap time and time for recreation.


This will help your child to remain in a healthy routine that would otherwise be maintained by the school in normal days. Introduce discipline at home and dedicated time for every work we do. In this way, they learn time management and it will be easier for you to deal with things once at a time.

8. Get enough sleep and laughter in your days’ schedule

Maintain a healthy sleep routine as this will boost your immunity and keep your mental state under control. Though we are together at home, we keep stressing about the issues that affect us severely. Take some time to laugh together. Turn off the news and watch out for entertaining shows, movies, etc. You can also go through your picture album, which will take you back to your good old days.

9. Go slow on everyday cleaning

Over stressing for keeping the house clean, can disturb your mental health and also test your muscles. Thus to keep in good health, do not overdo with cleaning the house. Now that you are following a regular cleaning routine for your house, it is not important to do a thorough cleaning every day. A touch-up furniture cleaning will be good enough in alternative days.

10. Go to timeout and keep a daily routine achievable

It is likely to develop anger and agony. Not all the time we can manage our thought, but what matters is how we deal with it. Showing anger to your child can harm them, thus go to timeout.


A timeout can be applicable at you as well as the other members of the mouse. Talk to your partner and come to a mutual conclusion that another person needs to take charge of the situation when you are into fixing your anger and vice versa.

Take one day at a time

So much negativity, find the purpose of your day by taking a day at a time. Spend quality time with your family, laugh, enjoy and make memories. Do not push yourself too hard and catch enough rest.

Mommies, if you really think that these tips have changed the way of your thought, then let us know by writing in the comment section. 

Stay at home and stay safe with your family.

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