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What are some good family rules for Indian parents? 30 proven house rule application

It shows family harmony which is established by good family rules

House rules or family rules are a guideline that you can set for your family. It helps a child, as well as other members of the house, stay connected under the same tune. With the shift in culture, there is a major change in house rules practices. There are various blogs that talk about house rules in relation to western families. But today I will walk you through some good family rules for Indian parents.

Things you will learn ahead

  • What are family rules or house rules?
  • Why are family rules important?
  • What should you make rules around, for your family?
  • What are some good family rules for Indian parents- 30 proven house rule application
  • How should you reward your child for obeying house rules?
  • Who should obey these house rules?
  • How should you reward your child for obeying house rules?
  • 10 helpful tips for parents



What are family rules or house rules with respect to Indian family?

Have you ever experienced, that your child does not respond to elders, or he quickly gets agitated when asked repeatedly the same question? All this can be termed as a lack of family rules. In order to raise an obedient child, setting up house rules is important. 

Help your child by defining rules of your family which follows your family tradition. Here are some good family rules for Indian parents to follow at home. But before that let us see what family rules and how is it important?

As there is a huge difference when it comes to and Indian or western family, the values, notion, and guidelines change altogether. As an Indian mother by heart, I have felt, that somewhere deep down my heart, I admire Indian family values and I want to inculcate the same in my child.

When a family has to offer a clear guideline to follow in serious matters, it becomes easy for the members to stick to the said rules. To get what you want in your child, to lead a peaceful and wholesome life, it is indeed important to follow some good family rules.

Why are family rules important?

Family rules are essential to establish your family value in front of your kids. A good set of rules can help your child as well as your family to look back whenever necessary. This will stop them from making the wrong decision in the long run.

Rules help each member of the family to be a better person each day. For example, after a long day of work, if your child comes to you and asks you to play, you may feel tired. But a good house rule will ask you to be polite as you might have decided not to spank on kids for your relaxation.

It is also necessary to create and strengthen the family bond which will remain with you and your child for a lifetime. As a parent what else can we desire than raising an obedient and gentle child?

What should you make rules around for your family?

You need to decide what is important for you before you set the rules. You should consider that whatever rules you set for your child and the whole family, you as a parent should follow them first. As family rules are heavily influenced by parents, set a positive example for your child by practicing it yourself.

For me, strict study hours may be an objective, whereas, for you, short study hours may work till the time your child is able to complete his task. Similarly, there can be a variety of house rules, but you should choose what works best for your child and for everyone in the family.

Choose the most important aspects according to your family values and see the changes in your household. On the other hand, be reluctant as well and don’t be too bossy on petty issues. After all, kids will make mistakes. The most concerning subjects to create rules around can be:

  1. Manner- This will help him to be a wise man
  2. Physical conduct- This will make him a gentleman
  3. Respect- This one is for a kind man
  4. Safety- This will make him a cautious person
  5. And daily routine– A responsible one

Do not compromise obedience, manners and other aspects which helps to build up a human being in a correct way. Make sure you create family rules for a healthy home.

What are some good family rules for Indian parents- 30 proven house rule application

Indian culture has its own flavor and colors. Though we have walked towards modernization, deep in our heart we are hooked to our heritage. We expect our kids to respect elders. We expect them to greet our guests with open hands.

With respect to Indian culture, I tried to frame 30 good family rules for Indian parents.

Good family rules for Indian parents- Good manners

1. Help others

Teach your child to be helpful towards others. It can be helping his sibling or trying to help his parents or a friend or anyone around him. This also promotes a sense of kindness in children.

2. Be polite when you talk

Today we see most children talk back to their parents in a raised voice when they are scolded. It is unexpected for a child to do this. Teach him to be polite while talking to others.

3. Respond to others when they call

I have noticed my child that she does not instantly respond to a call. Rather, she says, ‘let me finish my job, then I will come to you’. Teach them to respond to a call immediately.

4. Phone conversation protocols

There is at least a couple of mobile phones at our home, and we communicate to our dear ones with that. It is common for a child to disturb while a person is talking over the phone. 

It is also common that a child refuses to talk to the person who is on the other side of the phone. Teach your child about phone conversation protocols. When he obeys your guidelines, appreciate his good work and thank him for his deeds.

5. Dining table rules

My child has a habit of sitting on the couch while having a meal. I have taken several attempts to change her habit. She is gradually improving. Set rules for your family such as to come on time to the dinner table, eat together, do not start to eat till other members of the family have not joined and so on.

6. No lies allowed

This tops my priority list. First of all, I never introduced the word “lie” to my child until she discovered herself. Even when I taught her the rhyme “Johny Johny- yes, papa.” I replaced the word “lie” to “are you sure”. I hope I have read it somewhere like this. When your child reaches a certain age when they can understand what is what, make it very clear that no lies are allowed inside or even outside the house.

Good family rules for Indian parents- Physical conduct

7. Be gentle

Make house rules which say to be gentle. It can be in relation to playing with others, handling objects and so on.

8. No hitting

If your child hits someone, don’t support him. Make him understand why he should not do so. Explain to him why God has given us specific body parts. Tell him your leg is for walking, running, kicking a ball, but you cannot use your leg to hurt someone. This will promote mutual respect in your child.

9. Share and care

Most young children do not like to share their toys or anything they possess. You must reject the feeling outright as this may make him a selfish and mean person in the future. Teach him to be humble and to care for others by sharing what he has.

10. Handle with care

This may be with respect to handling a new toy or even a newborn sibling. A child must be taught how to take care of things that he possesses. This will ware him that he should take care of his stuff.

11. Be responsible

You may say that ‘it is too early to introduce the sense of responsibility in my child’. But believe me, it is better to introduce responsibility as soon as you can. You will notice your child is responsible for his toys, books and with time it will become his habit for life.

Good family rules for Indian parents- Safety

12. Assisted cooking

Most girl children love to work in the kitchen. Even young children take interest in assisting their mother in the kitchen. There must be strict guidelines for the kitchen which says cooking only permissible under strict guidance.

13. Ask for help while handling sharp objects

Especially, young children love playing with objects like scissors. Keep sharp things away from children and even if you allow, make sure you observe them thoroughly while they are handling sharp objects.

14. Outdoor rules

At my home, I don’t allow my child to go out with relatives or extended family members when they are not assisted by someone from my house (which means me, my husband, and sometimes our parents when they are around). It is better to be safe than sorry. So make it clear to your child that they are not allowed to go out with relatives and friends alone. So they don’t even turn up to you for seeking permission.

15. Bathroom rules

If you have a young child at home, do not allow him to lock his door while using the bathroom. There are many risks that may appear as the young ones lock them inside the toilet. If required put a board in front of the bathroom to mark if he is using it.  

16. Staircase rules

There can be severe injuries if a child falls from a staircase. Mention to them to practice safety as they use the staircase.

17. Closed-door rules

With growing age, kids lock themselves in their room. This may not be a good habit in the long run. They may require privacy, but that does not involve locking the door.

Good family rules for Indian parents- Respect

18. Respect towards family members

Introduce him to your family values and show him how he should respect others.

19. Stand up when elders enter your room

My mother made it a rule for me that when an elderly person enters my room, I must stand up as he approaches.

20. Offer your seat to your guest or those in need

While many people are sitting in your drawing room and chatting with each other and then your grandma enters the room, what you do? We generally offer her a seat if there is no more space to accommodate. We must teach our children the same thing.

21. Keep a “guest first” attitude

“Atithi Dev Bhava” which means your guest is your God. Inculcate the same in your child.

22. Greet guests and family members

It is not mandated to wake up every morning and wish good morning to each member of the house one by one. But greeting can be done with a smile and a welcoming attitude.

23. Ask for permission

My mother taught me not to open letters that are not mine, not to touch someone’s wallet without his permission. These are true. Teach them to ask for permission.

24. Listen to others

Not everyone can be a good listener. Here I am trying to say that a child must have the ability to explain and to listen to something with patience. This will make them a good listener and will also calm them from within.

Good family rules for Indian parents- Daily Routine

25. Limited screen time

One of the greatest problems faced today by parents. The screen is taking much of our time these days. Make strict guidelines to follow for limited screen time in your family rules list.

26. Early to bed and early to rise

Make a fixed sleep schedule for your child. You will notice, he has become less cranky over time. However, fixed bedtime has other benefits as well.

27. Eat together as a family

Do not miss meal timing. Make sure all the members of the house have their meal on time.

28. Daily study routine

Most parents think that strict study hours are a negative approach towards young children. But this will become fruitful when your child goes to primary school. If he is too young, start building a habit of sitting with books for 5 minutes and then gradually increase it with time and understanding.

29. Hygiene factors

Proper hygiene is essential to keep your child healthy. Make a schedule for things such as brushing teeth two times a day, changing clothes every day, taking a shower on time, etc.

30. Cleaning up toys

Most houses with young children are messy due to scattered toys. You may not be able to clean it up every time. Ask your child’s help to clean it once in a day. Make it a habit for him to clean his toys by himself with little assistance from others.

Who should obey these house rules?

Now that you have made house rules for your own family, it’s time to think who should follow these rules? Is it only made for the children to follow? The answer is, the rules should be followed by each and every member of the family, the children, parents, and the extended family who dwell in the house.

Family rules for Indian parents are not only meant for a particular family member, but should be followed by each member of the family to make it work. Remember your child will reciprocate what he learns from you and the family. So before taking a step, think twice of the aftereffect of your action on your child.

When should you make changes in the family rule book?

There are many factors which influence the change in the family rule book, such as:

  1. The growing age of your child
  2. Introduction of a new member of the family
  3. Family objectives

Make judgments based on your family position. Remember, every family is unique and each family has their personal demands and importance.


How should you reward your child for obeying house rules?

Appreciate in front of others

Say "Thank You" to your child

Reward them with a gift

As children practice house rules in front of others, make sure to appreciate them in front of others for showing good conduct. This helps to boost your child’s morale.

Say your child thank you for every help he offers. For example, when my daughter assists me in fetching the water bottle for me, I tell her “thank you”. While you do this, children will learn the same and they will feel encouraged to keep up their good work.

Not always but sometimes when they have really good work or showing good manners, reward them with a gift. This keeps them going.


10 tips for Indian parents to grow as a happy family

  1. Respect your spouse, child, and other family members
  2. Never show disrespect for others in front of your child. Be polite and keep patience while you talk
  3. Snuggle every morning for at least 10 minutes with your child. Keep aside 20 to 30 minutes of your time for your core family without any distraction
  4. Give your child time to cope up with the rules and don’t be aggressive
  5. Limit your mobile usage and Set a place as ‘no gadget zone’ at your home
  6. Be truthful to your children, and uphold your values in front of them
  7. Make your child understand if he or she is wrong. Don’t spank on them
  8. Remember raising a happy child depends on good mentoring
  9. Keep a positive attitude towards life. Never curse your child
  10. Practice all the rules that you have set for your children

Our child is our reflection. They follow us as their parents and walk on our path. So it is crucial to show your child the right path as a parent. I hope these family rules for Indian parents will help you to make a better future for your child.

Let us know if this is helpful for you and I will be interested to know about your house rules. Tell us what are your family rules?


Our child is our reflection. They follow us as their parents and walk on our path. So it is crucial to show your child the right path as a parent. I hope these family rules for Indian parents will help you to make a better future for your child.

Let us know if this is helpful for you and I will be interested to know about your house rules. Tell us what are your family rules?

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