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5 best immunity boosting food for kids that are easily available in India

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In the current situation, most parents are worried to keep up their kid’s immune system. Our body can fight harmful germs and bacteria if our immune system can boost naturally. However, some medicines can help us to keep immunity strong, but that can have side effects. Therefore, when it comes to young kids, most parents look for immunity-boosting food for kids.

Many food items help to improve immunity in toddlers, but most of the food items may not be easily available at your convenience. In this list, you will find 5 best Immunity boosting food for kids that are easily available in India.

You can include these foods in your child’s diet regularly. These immunity-boosting super foods are great even for fussy eaters and the best part is, these are easily available at our home and sometimes we neglect the jewels that we have in our kitchen.

5 super foods that boost immunity in children and are easily available in India

1. Papaya a super food to strengthen your immune system

This super food is loaded with Vitamin A, B, C, and K. This fruit is not only full of vital nutrients but also naturally boost immunity in our body and help us fight against harmful diseases. Include this to your child’s diet regularly and take advantage of the goodness of the fruit.

Due to the sweet taste and soft texture of the fruit, you can give ripe papaya to preschoolers as well as toddlers.

2. Fish and Poultry items to boost immunity

Fish is rich in Zinc and Omega 3 and it helps us to repair the damaged cells in our body. Similarly, poultry items like egg and lean meat such as chicken (rich in vitamin B6) help to boost our immunity as well.

Try and include fish weekly in your child’s diet. Also, give your child a boiled egg daily. You can give half of a hard-boiled egg to a child between 6 months to 1 year old. If your child’s age is more than a year, try and introduce a full boiled egg every morning in his diet.

Similarly, chicken is one of the favourite food even for fussy eaters. You can take chicken for granted even if your child denies healthy eating. Chicken is rich in Vitamin B-6 and helps to boost immunity naturally. You can prepare the chicken soup that your child will have delightfully. Chicken soup is easy to make as well as healthy and tasty.

3. Colorful vegetables for building immunity in kids

Kids are more attracted to colours and thankfully God has bestowed the natural goodness in vegetables that have rich pigmentations. Vegetables such as broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, pumpkin, and carrot are good for health and are the best Immunity boosting food for kids.

A special mention for carrots is a must when it comes to immunity-boosting vegetables. Give your child boiled carrots or even raw in the form of salad, regularly. This will help him to stay strong internally and fight harmful diseases. Carrot is also rich in Vitamin A and K which makes it the best food to improve eyesight.

4. Milk and Milk Products for the improved immune system

Some kids are not at all fond of milk, but most of them like milk products like butter and cheese. There are many other milk products such as cottage cheese, yogurt that you can give your child for improved immunity.

Especially for fussy eaters, try to prepare interesting recipes such as home-made pizza with cheese and grilled cottage cheese with vegetables in a stick and see how the food vanishes in no time. Try to bring variations by adding chocolate syrup to milk to enhance the taste of your child.

5. Indian spices from your kitchen to improve your child’s immunity

Indian kitchen is a treasure of immunity-boosting ingredients. Spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, whole spices (garam masala) such as clove, cardamom, and cinnamon are great to increase immunity. Also, adopt garlic in your food regularly and keep your family away from disease and infections.

With the help of these super foods, you can not only improve the immunity of your child but for the whole family. So, amidst the breakout of harmful bacteria and viruses, protect your child’s health with these Immunity boosting food for kids that are easily available in India.



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