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Meet our superhero mom bankers in India, providing essential services during a pandemic

Mom bankers In India providing essential services during COVID-19

A friend once said “we are kept in safety vaults” at our home to eliminate contacting the deadly COVID-19. Indeed, we are safe at home, but what about those who are providing essential services amidst COVID-19? Today we will acknowledge the superhero  mom bankers in India providing essential services during COVID-19. 


At the beginning of 2020, only a few had understood the hardship that was coming our way this year. COVID-19 has brought major changes in our lives. Be it a child, adult, or elderly, COVID-19 has a severe effect on each of us.


When we are thinking about our own safety, our essential service providers are contributing to society, without thinking of personal health and benefit. I take the privilege to acknowledge the contribution of Superhero mom bankers in India who are serving the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Alike banking sector, there are IT professionals, food delivery services, hospital staff (medical and non-medical), and so on who are continuing their unending service to the needy. How can we forget the NGOs who are serving food and essential commodities to the people who need it at this time?


We have surveyed  mom bankers in India to know how they are coping with the situation. Indeed, it is different than regular, but we want to know about their work-life balance and difficulties they face as a banker and a mother. However, every mom has differently similar stories to share. Read this till the end and share it with your friends and family to celebrate the strength of motherhood and dedication of a woman.

Pallavi Gandhi Nanda, Banker in Bangalore, lives with her husband and 5-year-old daughter

Pallavi Gandhi Nanda has built up her strength to serve the people in need. Her husband supports her to keep up with her child’s needs. Without the help of extended family, it is indeed a great task to be focused on her work and family responsibilities. 

Do you feel threatened while you are at work amidst VOCID-19?

Yes, I am afraid of contracting the disease, but mentally strong. As a part of the Quick Response Team (QRT) at the office, it makes me even more responsible to act immediately on any emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic.


To protect us from the deadly infection, all employees are provided with face masks and hand gloves to prevent direct touch. The banks have adopted precautionary measures such as social distancing among customers, checking customer’s body temperature at the entrance, frequent use of hand sanitizer, collecting forms using a tray, etc. 

What is your biggest mental strength during COVID-19?

What keeps me going is my family. My husband who is working from home currently, is taking care of my 5-year-old daughter. Talking about mental strength, my husband has been mentally strong throughout the time and has supported me to continue my job during the global pandemic.

As a mother, I feel a constant threat to protect my family under this situation. 

Have you faced any challenges as a mom banker under the current circumstances?

Actually, yes. Once there was a need for me to go to the office immediately. On that day my husband was only traveling to his office. There was no one to take care of our daughter. Actually, this COVID-19 has taught me that only family and good friends stand beside you when in need. 


That day I felt the disadvantage of staying away from my extended family. Posted in Bangalore, I have none to take care of my daughter. In the end, I had to take my daughter with me to the office. 


It is quite worrying to expose your child to unknown people during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What is your message to all the superhero moms who are providing essential services during the COVID-19 outbreak?

My message to all the moms out there is you are doing a great job, you are the real superheroes. You are skillfully balancing your family, profession, and also boosting your courage to face COVID-19 every day at your work. 


And even after all this, you are happy, jovial, and strong. Hats off to all the super mom bankers in India who are into essential services during COVID-19.



Anjali Dhir, 27, Mom banker from Jalandhar

Anjali feels threatened as people are coming up from various parts of the district. She comes in direct contact with the people. There are various precautionary measures set up by the banks, but fear of catching the disease gives a chill down her spine. 


With a supportive family and a caring husband, she could easily manage her 1.5 years old child back at home.

Pallavi Singh, 32, Kanpur, Posted at a rural bank in India

Pallavi takes pride to provide essential services at the bank. During this testing time, people need money, she explains. The government is aiding common men by depositing money into their bank accounts. Pallavi quotes by saying, “It is our responsibility to disburse them the money as they might need it.”

How difficult it is to work with rural customers during COVID-19?

It is hard to handle rural customers, as they are unaware of the effects of the pandemic. They know that something is wrong, but does not understand the issue at large. The worst part is, they are unaware of social distancing and personal hygiene factors. This makes us even more vulnerable to get in contact with COVID-19.


Language plays an important role while working in rural branches. We have to aware our customers of the horrific condition and also educate them, how to keep themselves safe from the pandemic using their local language.


Traveling to the bank and working there in itself is a great trouble. We have to wear a proper mask and gloves all day. This becomes tedious and I feel dizzy most of the day. 

How do you handle your family as you return home?

When I come home, I have to take a bath first to keep myself clean. I Practice all precautionary measures before I could touch my child. This is emotionally draining as my little boy wants to hug me after I return from work, but that’s not possible as I have to eliminate all possibilities of transferring any disease to my family.


Even after doing all this, I cannot hug him with my heart and soul. A mother’s heart is constantly cautious about protecting my family and especially my child. 

How does COVID-19 affect you psychologically as a mom banker?

There is a prevalent psychological effect of COVID-19 on me, especially because I meet people every day. Most of them possess less knowledge about the disease and the protection against it.

What keeps you motivated during such global crisis?

After all this, somewhere in my heart I feel, this time will pass and we will be able to start our regular and normal routines. As a mother and a woman, I have a responsibility towards my profession and my family, and I am balancing it well with the help of my cooperative colleagues and my understanding family. 

For all the mom bankers in India out there

This is not just the story of 3 banker mom bankers in India, but it is about all the mom bankers in India who have made it possible to serve the nation as well as have been a support system of their family. Amidst of all difficulties you are bringing smiles every day. Be it your family, your child, or your customers at the bank, you are a source of inspiration. 

Hats off for your enduring service and your sportsman spirit. Not to forget other superhero mom bankers in India such as Archana Motewar, Rittika Joshi Sharma, Megha Kalchuri Solanki, Monalisa Das Roy, and many more working hard and sacrificing for their family and nations. You all are wonderful women and what unites you is your willingness to help others and create smiles.

Know precautionary measures to keep your family safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Comment below and show your gratitude to all the bankers out there who are providing their enduring service amidst of all hardships. Share the story with your friends and family, if this motivates you for some good. 

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