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20 in-house mother’s day gift ideas: Celebrate mother’s day at home in 2020

mother's day gift ideas 2020

Make this mother’s day special with 20 in-house mother’s day gift ideas

This mother’s day is unlike any other mother’s day you might have celebrated. This time it is special because we have limited access to buying gifts. But just like happiness can never be bought with money, so not every gift can be bought, some can be created with love as well. You will be amazed to know these mother’s day gift ideas that will be ideal for your mother, wife, sister, or even your daughter.

This Sunday, 12th of May the world will celebrate mother’s day. A mom contributes towards her family selflessly all her life. She put others before herself and keep her family content by sacrificing her wish, comfort, and even needs. So, even amidst the pandemic show honor, respect, and love towards a mother in your family. 

How to choose the best mother’s day gift?

Mother’s day gift ideas according to age

The age of a person matters the most in determining the best gift for them. So if you are about to create or buy a gift for a mother, consider her age. 

Access her requirement before you think of a gift

Every individual has separate requirements. For example, a new mother will require baby products, kids’  furniture, etc. Whereas, your mom may be elderly who required comfortable sleeping gears, tools to ease her day, and so on.

Pay attention to her desires

Most of the time we end up gifting something that has less value or usability. But if we closely observe a person, we would understand her requirement or desire. Most mothers sacrifice their own desires over others. So, what could be a better occasion to gift her something which she was long desiring for, but could not make it, for some reason?

Do it with all your heart

Gifts are special and when it is about a mother’s day gift ideas, it becomes even more special. Whatever you do for your mother this mother’s day, she will definitely love that, but make sure you have put your heart into making it. A personalized touch makes all the difference.

20 in-house mother’s day gift ideas for your mom

1. Serve her a lovely breakfast by her bedside

Mothers do so much for us all her life, how about making at least one day in her life special. Set an alarm and wake up before her and make an easy, but special breakfast. Remember, whatever you do today it must be done with love and care, so take your time.

2. Offer a relaxing massage

This is perhaps one of the best mother’s day gift ideas. Most mothers neglect their health and work all day long for their families. Offering her a relaxing massage will help her to unwind and feel pampered.

3. A pedicure can be fun

Another relaxing point in our body is our feet. Relax those tiring feet with a DIY pedicure at home. You must be thinking about where to buy a proper pedicure kit? But no worries, use products from your kitchen and that will be just fine. 

You can also look for a DIY pedicure at the home video here.

4. Make cute videos for your mother, especially if she has grandchildren

You can impress your mother with simple videos. For the memories of their loved ones and special children and grandchildren value the most. If you have a few pictures from the past handy then use simple movie maker tools or you can just record one, on your smartphone. Capture the best moments and say your heart out to your mother. This is one of the most memorable mother’s day gift ideas on this list. 

5. Bake a cake with her

Celebrations are incomplete without a cake. So bake a cake together with our mom and enjoy each moment. Recall your old memories over baking and laugh your heart out. For simple cake recipes, you can check out this YouTube video.

6. Look for places you want to visit with your mom on the internet

It is physically not possible to out now, but how about making a future plan with your mother for a vacation? Sit down with her and look for places that were there in your bucket list. The search itself will be fun and you would also come to know about each other’s liking. This is also possible if you happen to stay away from your mother, this mother’s day.

7. Enroll for virtual fitness classes that suit her physical condition

Physical fitness is a must when it comes to women. They go through a lot of stress and end up neglecting their own body. Consult a fitness coach and enroll her with a virtual fitness class. You can choose from yoga, free-hand exercise, and other specifications according to her age and other medical factors and help her keep in good shape throughout the year.

8. Watch your favorite movie together

Make a list of movies that are of common interest. Give the privilege of choosing one to your mother and then watch it together in the afternoon. You can simply watch an old classic movie on YouTube or can also get a subscription to Amazon Prime Videos or Netflix and start watching your favorite movies.

9. Take out your old family album and recall the memories

Think of photographs out of your social media accounts. Find that old family album that has been out of sight for a while. You will be amazed to see the excitement of your mother. Taking a look at the old photos along with your family is always fun. These are the evergreen mother’s day gift ideas that can never go wrong.

10. Simply spend time with her and make every moment enjoyable

The most valuable thing that you can ever give to your mother is time. Spend quality time with her and with the family. Laugh together, sing, play, and do whatever, that you would love to do for your mom on her special day.

11. Decorate one of your mom’s favorite pictures

Photographs entangle emotion and that is more valuable than anything to your mother. Take out an adorable picture that happens to be the favorite of your mom and decorate it. You can use materials that are easily available at home and make a photo frame. Once you are satisfied with the entire look of your creation, set it aside on a tabletop that grabs her attention.

12. Learn a new skill from her

It may happen that you have never got that time to learn knitting from your mom. She must be too good at something which you would like to learn. Figure that out and what could be a better time than this mother’s day to learn a new skill from your mother?

13. Admit your guilt

There must be something that you have long pressed inside your heart. Allow your guilt to flow and talk to your mother. Today, most of us keep huge guilt within us. Get above it by admitting your fault and move ahead. This might seem the toughest one as mother’s day gift ideas, but when you admit your guilt in front of your mom you will feel your best.

14. Decorate your house to make her feel special

A messy couch, a mismanaged tabletop, a scattered bed is what your mom sees every day. She is the one putting things in place. Make her work easy by doing all the house arrangements for her. She will be more than happy with your caring gesture.  

15. Buy her pack of essential items

If we talk about buying gifts, only essential items are delivered at home currently. This mother’s day, with limited options to buy gifts, you can give her a pack of essential items such as bath essential, body essential, etc.

I have been using BIOTIQUE lately and since then it has been my favorite. You have to try one of the products from this brand to believe it. Gift your mother this Moisturizer which is much needed by all mothers to rejuvenate their skin.

16. Take care of her child

This one is especially for a new mother who can be your wife, sister, or even your daughter. New moms are deprived of sleep, personal time, self-care, and a lot more. Take care of her child and offer her some rest, this is perhaps amongst the best mother’s day gift ideas for new moms.

17. Get her enrolled in virtual classes for hobbies

A mother always sacrifices her hobbies, likings, and desires before her family. Now it is time for her to relax and enjoy. Enroll her in virtual learning classes which she is interested in. It can be anything from gardening, cooking, knitting, or learning a new form of art that she always desired. 

18. Arrange for a lovely dinner

It is evident that your mother is the best cook, but today is your time to give her back. Arrange for easy to make recipes to keep it clutter-free. Take note of your mom’s favorite food and arrange a cozy dinner for your family.

19. Buy her a medical insurance

Today medical insurances are the need of the hour. Evaluate the available medical insurances and buy your mom a medical insurance that is appropriate to her requirement. 

20. Prepare a short smartphone lesson for her

It is my personal experience that my mom, often ask me about how to do things on her smartphone. Most of you must have faced a similar problem with your mom too. So it will be helpful for them if you can arrange for a smartphone session. 

You can add little details about how to add a contact, make video calls, use social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Believe me, and she will be amazed by your little effort. 


So, the whole idea behind this article is to make your mother’s day fruitful. With the outbreak of the global pandemic, there is little to no scope to buy gifts or to go out to celebrate. Leverage your time at home and make the 2020 mother’s day special by adopting your favorite ideas from this list of 20 mother’s day gift ideas. 

Write back to me if this article has been helpful. Your words matter to me a lot.

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