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How do shared household chores in your family help to strengthen relationships?

Sharing house hold chores in your family can help you strengthen relationship bonds

Who does most of the household chores in your family and how does it impact your relationships?

Shared household chores in your family can help in improving your relationships. You must have not thought it this, but it can literally save your marriage and even help in improving family bonds with your spouse and children. Household chores had always been the main focus of the women in the house, but it has not been considered as a relationship-building tool.

Household chores in your family are perhaps the most underrated tasks. Cleaning the house daily and creating a weekly and monthly and even yearly schedule of thorough cleaning only gives headache to the lady of the house.

Sometimes I feel it is the sole responsibility of a woman to keep her surroundings clean whereas, the other members of the family share the same space with her but they are nowhere responsible for the tidy part.

For ages cleaning and household chores have been a gender-based job, but with time we can see positive changes where the other members of the family are sharing household chores.

Now husbands not only do some fine-tunings to take the credit of their part of household chores, but also extend helping hands in doing the essential daily household chores for their family.

In a study, conducted by the Council of Contemporary Families, it has been researched that in low to moderate-income group families, the women are responsible for the majority of household chores. This shows a low satisfaction level when it comes to her feelings towards her spouse, lower family bonding, and less overall satisfaction.

So, now it is eventually proven that household chores in your family should be shared amongst family members and that too for a good reason. A family that performs household chores together lives happily together.

Prepare a master household chore list with your family

Household chores may seem to be a big pool of work if it is not organized. Sharing responsibilities among spouses and children lower the burden on the women of the house and thus supports an engaging and caring atmosphere.

There are various online household chores list available online, but I would suggest preparing your personalized one. This will give you enough room to distribute household work in your family sensibly and according to personal choice.

So what better can you do than just chalking out the household chores that need to be performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? You can take the help of your computer to make it more interesting or just write it down. There is no hard and fast rule for it, but it’s all about making it engaging when it comes to sharing household chores in your family. So, let’s take a closer look at the works.

Featured master household chore list

Weekly household chores

Monthly household chores

Yearly household chores

All these are the major household chores in your family that can be shared among each member to make it stress-free for the person you love and care for. Now two questions instantly strike my mind. The first one is, how can shared household responsibilities help to develop healthy relationships? And second, how do I segregate the work among other members of the house to make it fair share? Well, we will find the answer to these questions now.

How shared household responsibilities can create healthy relationships?

There has always been a fight regarding who works the most? The husband who goes to the office or the wife show stays at home? It has also prevalent that even working women are responsible for household chores whereas men are only entitled to office works. But here are some good reasons to share household chores in your family to strengthen the family bonds and this is how it works.

  • Sharing responsibilities show you care- When you share household responsibility with your spouse, it shows you care for them. As we have already understood by now that is far more work to keep a house clean that we ever thought. So, extend your helping hand and show you care.
  • Providing a helping hand gives a sense of belonging- When we do something by ourselves, we develop a feeling or emotion towards it. For example, if your kid has made the bed, she will be less likely to jump on the bed as she has grown a sense of belonging to the nicely arranges bed.
  • Make you a more responsible person- When we share household chores, we actually share responsibilities and not work. We take it as a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled to run a house efficiently.
  • Shared household chores among parents have a positive impact  your child- Your child will be greatly moved when you start taking household responsibilities. They will likely develop a habit of helping with similar work, and they will remain to do so even when they grow up.
  • Help your child learn important life skills- It is crucial for your child to learn necessary life skills to become independent. With little task allocated to them, they will gradually become independent.


How to divide the responsibilities to make it a fair share among your family members?

Sharing responsibilities in itself can be a tough job, because if someone does not perform his share of wok then the wok will remain undone. However, you can clearly avoid such circumstances by involving your family into planning and allocating household chores in your family.

  • Treating household chores as responsibilities- As you treat each household chores as responsibility, you see the job done in real time. You have to make your family understand that it is their responsibility to keep the living space clean and composed.
  • Involving the family to figure out the plan- When you invite each family member to figure out a plan that works, you will likely get all the jobs done on time. You must give importance to each person’s liking before holding them responsible for something. For example, your child may have an affinity towards laundry, so you can assign this task to her.
  • Breaking down the list even further- You may think doing the dishes is a single job, but you can break it down further and involve your family into each part of the job. For example, while you are washing the dishes, your husband can put it on the drying racks. You can spend time chatting while performing the job. Isn’t is a great opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones?
  • It should be a cumulative goal to make things happen- While you are working as a family, you are a team and a team player does not find out each other’s loopholes, instead fulfills each other’s deficiency.

How to reward your family on completing household chores as a family?

While you are working together to accomplish household chores in your family as a team, you must celebrate the achievements. Reward your family with what they enjoy the most and most importantly, announce our efforts as their reward to work as a family and a team.

  • Setting up a movie night once in a while
  • Reward your family with their favorite meal
  • Planning a trip that you were looking after as a family. It can be anything from a trip to your zoo to a one day trip to the nearby attractions, or even a long trip.
  • Arranging a small house party for your family


We have figured our more than enough reason to share household chores in your family. Wow! Isn’t it great and engaging to see your family working together to accomplish family goals? As a woman of the house, thinking of this is fulfilling to me. See we have so much to do around us to improve our relationships and to implant positivity in our children.  

I cannot end this without sharing the picture of my home. My husband has been a darling when it comes to household chores. From the beginning of our marriage, he has been helping me in the household chores. Be it cooking meals, preparing the laundry for a wash or a floor cleaning work, he has always helped me throughout these years.

Now if you evaluate that where he learned this from. Well, as I always say that kids learn from their parents, in the same way my husband has learned that you must share household chores in your family at an early age when he was a kid. And he learned it by seeing his father. Now it is proved that sharing household chores can be beneficial for your personal relationships as well as building your child’s characteristics.

Please write in the comments below if you have a similar story to share.

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