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A close family bonding can save relationships during challenging times

strong family bonds help families service even during challenging time

Save relationships during challenging times by forming close family bonding with positivity.

A close family bonding is a key to survive through tough times. Maintaining a better family life is now easy, especially, at hard times. A family has to go through a lot of turmoil and challenges. Many could survive, whereas, a lot can fail. The secret sauce of keeping a family intact during a challenging time is a growing bond and trust between family members.

A rough wind comes over your family in many ways. It can be a loss of a person, financial difficulties, work stress, family quarrels, and stress with children, exam tension, and even natural causes.

With the current situation in hand, today there is increasing domestic violence due to the current global pandemic. With the horrific stress of getting infected with the disease, most people are finding it difficult to stay with their partners round the clock.

In this article of close family bonding, we will try and find out the main cause of stress that a family commonly goes through and how can we effectively beat those stress factors.


What triggers stress in a family?

• Disagreement over parenting techniques

As it is commonly said that a child bridges the gap between parents, similarly, a child can be a reason for distress. The most common factor that arises as problems are, the difference in parenting techniques, exam tensions, safety, and security concern of the child, marriage, and other social tensions.

It is a common scenario in Indian households to see parents disagreeing over parenting style. Every individual is different and there is a specific difference in opinion, but that mostly becomes great trouble over time.

• Unequal distribution of household chores

If you are born as a woman, household chores are your responsibility, this is what many of us believe. It has been evident that women who are also professionals and contribute equal time in office as her husband, tends to come back home and cook for the family. Here the husband doesn’t have a fair share on the household chores. According to studies conducted, it is evident that women mostly lack a sense of fulfillment and stay distressed for extensive household chores.

• Extensive work pressure (external)

One of the main factors that contribute to male stress in the family is work pressure. The continuous burden at the workspace makes a person irritated and he cannot often come off that mental stature. The quarrel of inequality starts here when a husband complains about his tiring day at the office and the wife complains about her distress at home and both try to establish superiority over pain and suffering.

• Lack of personal space

Even when we live together as a family, each individual requires their own personal space to regain stability. In a situation where you have to constantly share space with your spouse, it can be really difficult to keep arguments at bay. As an individual person space is much needed to even bring up the enduring family bond.

• Common disparities

There can be a difference in opinion, in many things. Sometimes even the smallest things make up the biggest issues. The ego plays the main culprit when clashes are at its height. There could be a fight between couples for petty issues such as over food, the way they talk, bad habits, even choosing the bed sheet can be a problem.

How to create close family bonding to overcome stress?

You may constantly have thoughts about how to make family bonds stronger. As we have spotted the main triggers that result in family stress, now let us see how close family bonding can help to overcome worries and make your home a better place to live.

• Effective communication

Communication is a powerful weapon. Use it as a positive tool. Frequently communicate with your family members to put forward your opinion, thoughts, as well as emotions. Sometimes you have to speak to make your action meaningful. But avoid hated communication that can bring anxiety. Try and relax and control your stress.

• Sharing responsibility

According to studies, it has been evident that the satisfaction level of a woman decreases when they are solely responsible for household chores. They constantly think that they are deprived or overburdened. As you are living with your partner, you must understand that a home is a shared responsibility and all must contribute their fair share of work. If you are sharing responsibility during hard times as a family, you are more likely to be united even in a difficult time.

• Creating space for ‘me time’

Even though it may seem that you have greater responsibilities in life like taking care of your child, being responsible towards your husband, and taking care of the other members of the house, don’t hesitate to put yourself first. When you are happy, you will be able to make others happy, so take out some Me Time to keep your cool. Sometimes staying away helps you create close family bonding.

• Building trust and understanding

Not everyone is perfect, but as a family, we have to fill each other’s gap. If we keep pointing to each other loopholes, it will make things worse. Over time as you spend more time, understand the other person, and make things work. 

On the other hand, trust comes with time. There will be real showtime where you will have the opportunity to build trust. You cannot gain the trust of a person overnight, but it’s a process. Keep looking for occasions to build trust in one another.

• Being presentable

I know that going through hard times makes you feel devastated, but try something that makes you happy. In such a situation you are left with two options. One, you live in that state of mind, or two, is you change your mind and indulge in something that you like. Here, being presentable means wearing your favorite outfit or putting on some makeup or just a hairstyle to uplift your mood. This does not only make you feel better, but also your partner.

• Anger will make things worst

You have to admit that anger is your biggest enemy. Not every time we can control our anger, but if you learn to tame your anger then you will conquer all hardships in life. Anger makes things even worse. It also shuns your ability to think wisely. So whenever you have a tempting situation in hand, don’t let anger control your emotions, instead, think how can you ease things out.

• Show you love and care

A child knows that her mother loves her, but still she desires to hear that “I LOVE YOU” word from her mother. Sometimes we feel there is no need to express our feelings, but that’s not true. Try to express your feeling of love and care often. This will keep you develop a close family bonding. When you show love to someone it shows you care for them and that’s what you want right? So, next time offer your partner a helping hand when she is spending hours preparing a meal in the kitchen.


With the notion, united we stand and divided we fall, we have to understand that only a close family with tight bonds can service harsh weather. If there are gaps in your family bonding, try and work upon it. It is you who can make or break your family. Your child will suffer most of the loss in such a situation. So act fast with a selfless attitude. Families that bond together, stays together, even during strong winds.


Write back to me if you have any suggestions or want to express something. Your thoughts are extremely valuable to keep creating beautiful memories and close family bonding together.

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