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10 Ways to Relax and Bond with your Child at Home

Being a mother of a young child under the current situation is no less than an essential service. In such situations relaxing and bonding with your child is important, especially when you are stuck at home.

These days’ parents are mostly involved with WFH or household chores. As a result, kids are frustrated than ever before.


Thus, during these challenging times, strengthening the parent-child relationship becomes indispensable. Relationships are demanding, it requires a lot of effort, patience, work, and love!


Furthermore, you need to have open communication and a close relationship with your child if you want to stay connected with them at every stage of life. A connection is one such thing that makes parenting worth it and drives children to follow the rules. Moreover, kids connected with their parents cooperate willingly, and this connection becomes the primary source for their monumental growth and development.


Here are 10 ways to relax and bond with your child, especially when you are at home.


1. Snuggle & have a chit-chat with your child daily

Showering love is the best way to strengthen your bond with your child. Start your day snuggling with your child for a few minutes, and don’t forget to repeat it at the end of the day. Wish them good morning, good night, rub their shoulders and pat their back. Even a simple “I Love You” keeps your relationship strong and healthy.


Besides this, don’t forget to have a chit-chat with your kids every day. No matter how hectic your schedule is, always find time to connect with your little ones and let them express themselves.


2. Reading – One of the Best Relaxing Activities

We all know that reading makes us wise and enhances our knowledge base, but apart from this, it also offers various other benefits. It is not only the most convenient way to improve language and reading skills, but it is also regarded as one of the best ways to stress relief.


So, find a good book and share a story with your child. Don’t forget to have a conversion about the characteristics, scenes, and circumstances. Make eye contact, share your emotions and discuss other elements of the story. Thus, take advantage of this fantastic way and strengthen your bond with your child.

3. Cook & Eat Meals Together

Various researches show getting children involved in meal preparation plays a vital role in nourishing bonds and keeping them connected with family values, moreover it is an excellent way to overcome stress and anxiety.


Besides this, eating meals together and having a good conversation is another fantastic way to spend some quality time with your kids. It also refrains the use of gadgets while eating.


4. Go Natural!

When you are unable to explore the world around you, it becomes incredibly essential for parents to create a healthy, close and strong relationship with their kids that helps them to overcome distress. 


To beat such a situation create a nature’s corner at your doorstep. Be it a porch, indoor plants, or you have a lovely balcony to allow your saplings to grow, try to spend some time with them in nature.


Spending time in nature helps build a solid emotional relationship and brings out the qualities in your child.

5. Respect your Child’s Emotion & Encourage Support

Getting support and encouragement from the family is one of the best ways to foster a child-parent relationship. Give your child the opportunity to express their emotions and respect them. Have a conversation with your child and teach them about faiths and beliefs. Allow them to ask questions and answer them frankly.

6. Make Time for Play

As you may be involved with WFH, this is a golden chance to make a strong bond with your child. So, make the best use of this opportunity. Find some time to play with your kids.

It helps nurture the relationship between parent and child. Additionally, it also plays a crucial role in improving the child’s behaviour.

7. Get Creative

Getting creative, colouring, and painting is a beautiful way to have fun with your children. Engaging in art and craft is the best pastime activity you can do with your little ones that help roll out stress from your life.


This creative, fun time and stress relief process provide an opportunity to express love, emotions, and feelings. You can make a collage, face masks, greeting cards, or paper garlands and send them to nursing homes or hospitals.

8. Seek for One-on-One Time

Every kid requires some alone time with their parents to share their emotions, feelings, and situations they are going through. Plan out a specific time when your attention is not divided and you can spend some personal time with your child. Scheduling such activity every day can be tedious, but at bedtime is most appropriate to spend some ‘we time’ that is fully dedicated to your child.

9. Encourage them to be Useful around the House

Well, this is one of the best stress relief ways and a fantastic opportunity to make your child feel to be a part of the family. You can ask for help for their age-related activities and you will be amazed to see their excitement. Apart from this, you can involve your kids while baking. Let your kids lick the batter and give them the freedom to choose the recipe.

10. Meditation – A Powerful Tool

Just like distressing, unwinding and tuning with the rhythm of life is also essential. Meditation is one such thing that helps in overcoming depression, anxiety, and pain. It helps realize the inner YOU.

Furthermore, meditation is a valuable element for you and your child that enhances your life quality. If meditation is not your thing, then try out mandala art. I am sure your child will show immense interest in this sacred form of art.

lotus mandala art

Fast-paced life and hectic schedules make it challenging to spend quality time with children, aggravating the parent-child relationship. We always look out for those intimate moments when our kids make our hearts melt. Fostering the bond with children’s needs dedication, love, and effort. So, we have mentioned some helpful tips that help in nurturing your bond with your child, hope this helps!

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