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Marie Kondo style motherhood: Tidy home with toddlers

Marie Kondo on tidying up homes with toddlers

It’s challenging for moms to maintain perfection in tidying up the house often. The tidying guru Marie Kondo explains how you can still find a way to keep things under control while you don’t overstress yourself with the pressure of tidying up, lots of work, and motherhood. 

Living in a clean and tidy home is serene, but when you have kids, you know how things could change overnight! 


Marie Kondo, who is known for her tidy up skills also admits that when she became a mother, she could take less control of her home aesthetics. Recurrently, with her second child, things became even more obvious to her that things couldn’t be the same as before. 


Marie, who is a mother of three, says, “When I first became a mother, I felt frustrated when I couldn’t tidy my home exactly the way I wanted. Then, after having my second child, I didn’t even have the energy to consider some of my former practices around the house! Motherhood has taught me to be more forgiving of myself. The joy that comes from parenting exceeds any satisfaction that could have come from a perfectly neat home.”


In her tips for tidying up with children, Marie shares how you shouldn’t overstress yourself and rather enjoy motherhood and involve your kids to be part of what you do to keep our home clean and tidy. At the same time make your kids feel connected as a family.


If you are a working mom that things could be rather more difficult for you. Work pressure, kids screaming around during important calls, demanding husbands, and whatnot. I could completely relate to you as I often experience such situations. 


However, if you want to maintain a balance in your life and maintain calmness of mind, then here are some tips that can transform your life. 

Don’t panic when kids explore

Do you often panic when you see your child turning the toy box upside down? Well, I do panic a lot and end up yelling “what are you doing? Don’t do that!”


What do you think the answer would be from the other end? “I’m sorry mommy, I won’t do that again!” 


But the truth is that is never going to happen. Your child will continue doing more of what you don’t want him to do. In the end, this will make you angry. What’s the point, let kids be kids? They will do such things that are meant to be done in childhood. As mothers, what we can do our best is to IGNORE!


Not overtime but often for matters which don’t matter the most or don’t harm your child or anyone around, let them enjoy their childhood and you enjoy your sanity of mind. 

Take up little at a time

As Marie Kondo explains in her other interview, how she manages little at a time, we should learn the art and it’s a lifesaver, I bet. When you want to live in a perfect place but you can’t achieve that perfectness, your mood will be in a toss and you will end up feeling upset. 


Marie explains that when things are not completely under your control, take charge of little at a time. For example, start working with a corner of your house that is under your control. That could be a corner table in your bedroom, your kitchen, or a drawer at your dressing table. No matter how small the place is, it all matters that you are completely in charge of the space and you do whatever makes you feel happy for the same. 

Find happiness in small things

In the end, happiness is what matters. Being able to be a good mother, a responsible and loving wife is essential to maintain a family bond. So, involve your child in small things, avoid responding to things that have less importance, and make the most of your life by enjoying motherhood at its best.  

While you master these skills, I’m sure you would live a much happier life than before. Most of the time what annoys us is our inner self. We want things in a particular way and when it’s not achieved, we feel threatened or unhappy. So, leave much of your worries that have less importance in life and start enjoying the little happiness in everyday life as this golden time will never come back. 


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